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List At Least Three Factors That Influenced Population Trends In Grenada In The Past 10 Years. Explain The Role Of Each Factor In The Population Trends Of Grenada.

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Growth of a population is the change in population over time, and can be quantified as the change in the number of individuals in a particular area. There are certain factors that significantly influence the population, especially in the Caribbean. These are called population trends; there are certain population trends that are prevalent in Grenada. Three will be highlighted in this essay.1.Migration – This is when a person leaves their own home to go to a new place or residence with different reasons and also different effects. Within the past 10 years (1998-2008) Grenada has seen a fluctuation in relation to the migration rate. This is due to certain factors that occur in Grenada, and in other countries around the world as a whole. Because of the economic situation in countries in South America such as, Guyana, and Venezuela (and other regions as well E.G Cuba) many citizens of these countries found it fit to find a better life for themselves and their families by adapting a new residence somewhere else. According to the Pan Health Organization, “the net migration rate in the Caribbean region is one of the highest in the world with great variation within the region…” and this can be easily proven by the dense culture variations, ethnicities, and races in the Caribbean and more specifically, Grenada. For example, Grenada has a high number of Guyanese workers, especially in the Education area, working in the country. Also there are many Cuban’s, and Venezuelans working in the health sector of the Islands. On the other hand however, Grenada has more than 80% of its tertiary-educated skilled labour migrating, with increased migration to the United States, Canada and the UK.Some factors influencing migration to and from Grenada are; (1)Proximity to the Caribbean – This is why some individuals migrate within the Caribbean e.g. moving from St .Lucia to Grenada, instead of going to the US. (2) Wages and increased earning capacity – Some islands/ countries are in a worse off economic condition that Grenada, and then some countries are better off. The population will move to where it is better off. E.g. the economic situation is at a low in Cuba, but a chance of a better life is higher in Grenada (3) Language - Immigrants will try to go to a country that speaks there language officially, or if they are able to speak the language that is used there. This makes it easier for them to cope and adapt to the environment. And finally,(4) Social and family networks resident the destination country. However migration has had some positive effects on the Grenadian population. Some are; Return or transfer of knowledge, for example the strengthening of health and education facilities through partnerships and contribute to country level development and remittances and economic investments. However there are also negative effects on Grenada’s population because of migration. These are; Loss of human capital•Reduced...

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