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Listen Or Not To Listen; That Is The Question

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There are several different aspects of Managerial Communication that are crucial to any industry's success. My field of study is General Business with an emphasis on Small Business/Entrepreneurship. I am looking to implement the skills I have acquired while on this educational journey to better my success within my current occupation, which is an executive level recruiter to the pharmaceutical industry. This position requires me to match the company needs to the skills of various top-level executives. One of the most vital communication skills this task requires is listening; listening to both Human Resources and the candidates being considered for the position to ensure that their needs ...view middle of the document...

In my line of work, it is extremely important to truly understand exactly what it is a client (in this case, a pharmaceutical company) needs in a potential employee. It is then my job to use all of the resources and information allotted to me to find a candidate that suits their needs. Although a recruiter does get to review the resumes of these candidates when considering them for a position; many times they possess skills and have specific training that they may have failed to include in their job history (this is often the case). It is in these instances when communication and, more specifically, listening is essential. The recruiter will need to listen effectively in an attempt to gain more information about these particular candidate's true skills and experiences. When a recruiter has poor listening skills they will undoubtedly miss the mark on finding the appropriate candidate for any given role. This may result in a loss of client due to poor communication on the receiving end, in other words, listening. It is absolutely necessary to give your undivided attention to whomever you are speaking with, no matter the medium used. There are three core tips about listening skills for any recruiter that will, undoubtedly, improve the communication function. First, if there are possible distractions in the area, it may even be a good idea to take the conversation into a more suitable location. Second, maintaining eye contact is a great way to let the speaker know you are focused on what they are saying. Third, nodding every so often to reassure the candidate you understand them and gives the impression that you are invested, as any good recruiter should be.
In recruiting, people who are not actively looking or applying for a new position are
referred to as passive candidates. This type of candidate may not have all of the answers for the various questions you pose, as they were not actively looking for new employment. Industry professional may even use the phrase "they did not know they were looking for a new job." These candidates differ from active candidates, who know exactly what they are looking for. In working with passive candidates, active and intentional listening is the most valuable skill a recruiter can call on. It is this active and intentional listening that can aid the candidate in deciding what it is they are looking for. In order to gain knowledge of the candidate's skillset, their openness to pursuing a new employment opportunity, and what their expectations might be, a recruiter must engage the candidate in order to get as much information about them as possible. Ask them questions such as: What are some of your interests? Would you be willing to relocate? What are your monetary expectations? What is your current employment situation? It is common knowledge that most people enjoy talking about themselves.
When recruiting, it is not uncommon to encounter a candidate who speaks a foreign language, has a very strong accent,...

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