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No child realizes in youth the unconditional love and feeling of obligation to protect their children that a mother has. As children, and even into adulthood, we tend to fight the lessons our mothers try to teach us and the advice they try to give us w ithout giving any consideration as to what life experiences of theirs may have prompted this advice. Generally we view their attempt to give advice as an intrusion into our lives and our privacy. Occasionally though, we can step back for a moment and see all the good intentions behind our mother's actions. In The Joy Luck Club, author Amy Tan tries to get the reader to take this step back. Through her use of flashbacks and the development of strong-willed characters she brings into perspective how after experiencing her own devastating tragedies, a mother will go to great lengths to teach her children the values that will protect them from their own devastating life tragedies.In the stories told by Jing-Mei, Tan weaves in flashbacks and memories of Jing-Mei's own childhood experiences, including stories she has heard of her mother Suyuan's early life in China. These stories help to explain why she teaches her daughter the v alues of optimism and determination. As the reader encounters these flashbacks, Suyuan's tragic history is revealed. When the war reaches her town, Suyuan loses everything she owns, and in an attempt to save her own life by fleeing from China she is force d to leave her two twin babies behind on the side of the road in hopes they might have a chance at a good life. Jing-Mei recalls that her mother "had come here in 1949 after losing everything in China... but she never looked back with regret. There w ere so many ways for things to get better"(132). As Suyuan's past is revealed, the reader can not help but realize her determination, optimism, and strong will as she perseveres against the odds to establish a better life in America. Suyuan tries to pass on her virtues of determination, optimism, and perseverance to her American born daughter Jing-Mei. Jing-Mei's mother sees American movie stars performing on the television set and believes that with hard work and practice her daughter can aspire to the same stardom. Despite the constant protests of her daughter, Suyuan forces her to practice the piano. Though for Jing-Mei this may seem like pointless torture, her mother only intends for this to help her daughter learn how to be optimistic and determ ined regardless of what. challenges she may face in life. When learning to play the piano Jing-Mei's mother never expected her to become a genius and told her in broken English: "Only ask you be your best. For you sake"(136). By encouraging her to be her best, Suyuan wants to teach her daughter to be the best she can be and never have to regret not trying. The reader is able to recognize that Suyuan's intention was like that of most mothers: not to make her daughter's life miserable, but to help her. By teaching her daughter the values...

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2435 words - 10 pages broke my neck. And then I heard them laughing and crying, crying and laughing, shouting with love.” (Tan 115) Is how Lena St. Clair described the fighting of a mother and daughter after the daughter had ran away. As a parent, being able to just listen- hearing and respecting your child’s opinions, priorities, and desires is an important aspect of empowerment. All experiences strengthen your children’s perception that they can

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1344 words - 5 pages JOY LUCK CLUB Amy Tan Published in 1989 Chinese American Major and minor characters: The novel consists of 8 major and minor characters. The Mothers: Suyuan Woo, An-Mei Hsu, Lindo Jong, Ying-ying St.Clair. The Daughters: Jing-mei "June" Woo, Rose Hsu Jordan, Waverly Jong, Lena St. Clair.Suyuan Woo, June's mother is a very uptight woman who rarely has to say anything positive at all. She is however very observant and reflects greatly on the

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782 words - 3 pages the relationship that she has with her mother, Daisy Tan.Amy Tan describes in "The Joy Luck Club" the lives of four Chinese mothers and their daughters through their personal stories. Some of the stories that she mentioned were her family life stories. The An-mei Hsu's mother's story was exactly the same story of Amy's grandma. Actually Amy Tan tells the readers her own grandma's sad life through An-mei Hsu's voice. Same as An-mei, Amy's mother

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1089 words - 4 pages Chinese values, beliefs, and traditions have been slowly disregarded by many of the descendants of Chinese immigrants. In the book, The Joy Luck Club, written by Amy Tan, this is portrayed in mother-daughter relationships. Lindo Jong tries to teach Waverly, her daughter, about all the Chinese values, beliefs, and traditions. Waverly is affected greatly by her mother's Chinese culture and finally, at the end of the book, finally realizes what it

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830 words - 3 pages . There are many prominent conflicts seen in The Joy Luck Club. Two of which I've chosen are between Waverly and Lindo, and between June and Waverly.The first prominent conflict within this novel deals with Waverly and her mother Lindo. Waverly feels as though her mother is attempting to ruin her life by causing her to "see black where there once was white" (186). Waverly believes Lindo is attempting to influence her daughter for the worse. She

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766 words - 3 pages Essay Writing July 09,2000 The Joy Luck Club The pain of four women led to the joining of The Joy Luck Club. This movie is based on the bestseller written by Amy Tan describing the experiences of four women who emigrated from China to the United States. Each woman's story contains horrendous experiences in China and shows how those experiences affected their relationships with their American born daughters. Each woman had gone

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2817 words - 11 pages Luck Club”. The Joy Luck club was a weekly meeting of the best friends, were they talked about their hopes for their daughters and there stories of the past. The swan feather in the beginning was a symbol of all the hopes and dreams that the mother wanted to give to her daughter. This woman crossing a vast ocean, with only the company of a swan, yet she is not scared. She has dreams for her daughter, and this dream is the driving force of

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720 words - 3 pages The book, The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, is a very inspirational book about four Chinese women and their four Chinese-American daughters. One of the stories in the book is called "Feathers from a Thousand Li Away", which talks about the lives of the mothers when they still lived in China during the war between China and Japan. The mothers had to make tremendous sacrifices during this time in their life. For instance, Suyuan Woo was forced

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1154 words - 5 pages when Jing-mei thought she was done practicing piano forever and Suyuan tried to make her. At that piano bench is when Jing-mei yelled, Then I wish I wasn't your daughter. Then I wish I'd have never been born! I wish I were dead! Like them. (142). Referring to the baby twin daughters Suyuan was forced to abandon, Suyuan never tried to force Jing-mei to do anything. And until only after Suyaun died, did June realize how much her mother was trying to do for her and how much she would have really given to her if she hadjust asked.

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1042 words - 4 pages Learning from Mother in The Joy Luck Club      "I have already experienced the worst. After this, there is no worst possible thing" (Amy Tan 121). Throughout The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan tells stories of how mothers use the misfortunes in their lives, to try to teach their daughters about life. Many of the mothers had bad experiences in their pasts and do not want to see their daughters live through the same types of problems. They try

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544 words - 2 pages time for the Peking duck to come out of the oven, golden and ready to be laced with flavoring sauce. This is a holiday routine for my mother. She is a hard worker, a good friend, a wonderful wife, and most of all, a loving mother; but I have not always understood nor appreciated her and the values she hopes to pass down to me.Just a year ago, I picked up your book during my monthly visit to Barnes and Noble and met my other self, Jing-mei Woo, or

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2989 words - 12 pages painful past in pre-1949 describe their struggles in China against traditional female roles and family domination. By coming to America they are bringing their hope for a better life which they try to instill into their children. At the start of the book, Jing-Mei sits in the seat for her deceased mother who had started the mah-jong club in 1949 in San Francisco. The Joy Luck aunties inform Jing-Mei that she has two half-sisters in China. She has to go

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699 words - 3 pages exposition of the book is found in the “Joy Luck Club” story; “The Joy Luck Club” is the first story in the book and it sets up the rest of the plot for Jing-mei. Jing-mei is told the story of how her mother fled the Japanese invasion in China, and barely survived, “Pushing …toward Chungking, until…I had lost everything except three fancy silk dresses which I wore one on top of the other. She had two daughters at this time and had to leave them

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1055 words - 4 pages Marriage is a really important part of life. The novel The Joy Luck Club, written by Amy Tan, explores the concept of marriage in all of its forms. The daughters' marriages are less successful than the mothers'. The three daughters who are being mentioned in the essay are Waverly Jong, Rose Hsu Jordan and Lena St. Clair. Waverly Jong acts impatiently and does not try hard to maintain her first marriage. Rose Hsu Jordan listens to other people