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Imagine the day when you see your child’s report card, and all you see are As, and you are speechlessly staring at your child’s grades. Are you still waiting for that moment to come when you will be proud of your child for getting good grades? Have you ever wondered why your child has not been able to do well at school?It is possibly because your child has not been exposed to listening to music while studying. Listening to musiccould be the golden solution for your child. Students definitely need to be granted the freedom to listen music during classes. Listening to music while studying helps to keep one’s mind relaxed. It also helps in finishing work faster and in memorization.
For some people, music serves as a distraction, but this does not apply for everyone. It should also be recognized that music helps keep the brain relaxed, happy, and alert(“Listening to music while you study makes you smarter” par. 5). As stated in an article "Music and Learning" on website, "Music relaxes the mind and lowers stress levels that inhibit learning” (qtd. in Petersen par. 2).“Ms. JenniferEllingson, a teacher at Floyd Dryden Middle School says, "Music is the best thing ever created. Music can be relaxing, because it helps you forget about things that are stressful and help you to focus” (Petersen par. 3).
Some people believe that songs with lyrics and melody can distract a student while studying, and hence, the speed of doing work will decrease. However, it must be recognized that there are other types of music, such as classical or instrumental music. These types of music promote in gaining higher concentration than compared to music with lyrics. As Cho suggests, with this state, when the brain is relaxed and calm,work is done faster and with less errors.“In a study published in the journal of Neuroscience of Behaviour and Psychology it was found that a person’s ability to find images, letters and numbers is faster whenclassical music is being played” (qtd. in Cho sec.4).In fact, my very own friend, Pamela, at first, used to disagree with me that listening to music helps in finishing homework faster. I suggested her to listen to instrumental music by Beethoven while studying. After she tried it, her response was: “I was totally wrong, I so agree with you now. It actually helps.”
With this chance, of being able to finish work faster, a child can take advantage of the extra time that is left in hand. Your child can spend the extra time doing other activities or their hobbies. Not only that, but your child will be able to spend more time with you on weekends. In addition to that, whenschoolwork gets done faster, one can sleep earlier. Going to bed on time is a necessity for any child: to be able to have the enough amount of sleep and also, to be able to focus on what is happening in class rather than feeling lousy and tired.
I am sure you have those songs that when you hear them, it reminds you of some memory linked to its melody. This...

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