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Lit Review On Gaming's Affect On Aggression

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Critically Evaluate the Claim that ' Aggression' is the Product of EvolutionChris ThompsonAPSY 4021University of CumbriaAbstractThe evolutionary explanation founded by Charles Darwin can be used to explain how evolution can be used to explain why people are aggressive. This explanation helps us explain why people may be predisposed to being aggressive. This explanation of aggression tells us that the way our ancestor reacted to danger is what is seen as aggressive behavior. A few core parts of the evolutionary explanation of aggression are survival of the fittest which states that the strongest live give on the genes. Another part is the fight or flight response which has been developed to explain why the modern day man has aggressive behavior. Finally the tend and befriend theory which helps us explain why women who have less testosterone can still be aggressive. Another point to make is that we need people to be aggressive so that we can survive and don't get wiped out. As well as this considering the nature verses nurture argument that argues between whether aggression is cause by how we are raised or is it something to do with our genes.Critically Evaluate the Claim that ' Aggression' is the Product of EvolutionAggression is thought of as frustration that people direct outwards as a hostile or offensive action. Evolution is defined as change over time. So when it is stated that aggression is a product of evolution, it means that aggression is a response that has developed over time. The evolutionary explanation talks about survival of the fittest. It can be assumed from this that only the strongest as more dominant creatures survive. It also talks about the fight or flight response as an evolved response to dangers which can also be linked to aggression because when a human chooses to fight to defend himself he is also committing an act of aggression. It is important to understand the role in which evolution plays in aggression so that we can understand the positive and negative repercussions of aggressive behavior.Aggressive behavior is an important part of society in primitive cultures and can be seen in the behavior of animals. It was a way of asserting dominance which led to an increased chance of reproduction and the more aggressive dominant males were able to protect their families. This means that the more aggressive dominant males would reproduce, so the aggressive genes would evolve and carry on. This is known as 'survival of the fittest'. This in basic terms means that the creatures with the better qualities are more likely to survive and find a mate. Applying this to aggression we can see that it is likely to be the product of evolution. Hogg, M, A. Vaughan, G, M. (2011) talk about aggression as an adaptive response and that certain behavior has evolved because it helps with the survival of the genes. A possible limitation of this point however is that in modern day society aggressive behavior is often seen as a negative so we...

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