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Literacy Between The Past And The Present

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Literacy between the Past and the Present

Literacy between the Past and the Present
The nature of literacy learning encompasses instructional techniques and pedagogy of literacy. These applications create a legacy of literacy and technology use in learning. They dominated the 20th century prompting the introduction inter-disciplinary work at the juncture created by scholarly projects and education. Over time the literacy evolved to building communication, impaction of critical thinking, and initiating creativity. The basics of literacy attract diverse educators and scholars from different fields. There is a need to capture the past ideologies that shaped literacy and the present state of the field. Therefore, this research paper explores the past and present aspects of literacy education.
Past literacy
Literacy education itself presents a contextual diversity in learning and cultural environments. When one ...view middle of the document...

The essence in past literacy is to find one’s own understanding of fashionable culture. Furthermore, John Dewey noted that early works of literacy reflected the learners’ own understanding and experience of their normal day to day life. These experiences created an environment for the learners to make meaning of the existing situation. Moreover, literacy educators of the past necessitated the changes in literacy and technology. Although movements created to sojourn progresses in literacy did not succeed, they stressed on the model of culture, power, identity and knowledge. The strategies aided in educating and learning processes. At this point a literate person was able to apply dominant symbol systems of culture for social, political, aesthetic and personal goals. As a result, the individual earned respect in literacy.
Present literacy
The present status of literacy represents an age of technology use. The stakeholders’ main concern involves innovation and invention of creativity via the use of internet and digital media. Unlike the past practices that required personal learning of the predecessors, the present literacy allows easy learning and sharing of creativity on a social platform. However, these applications threaten the focus on the more sober topics of the field. The literacy work seems to expand in one direction, that is, towards technological advancements. The diversity of literacy is competing within itself. The schools have a rush to install hardware and software that brings a modern outlook of the field. Cuban argues that this feeling of modernity of embracing technological advancements results in the repetition of ineffective and inefficient cyclical curriculum. For instance, ICT literacy does not only compete with media management but also competes with Media literacy, decisive literacy and information literacy. There is erosion of the past emphasis on skills and knowledge; hence, removing the distinction between scholars and learners. New challenges are emerging that affect the opportunities of young generations.
From the analysis, it is clear that there is a sharp difference between the past and the present forms of literacy. The past literacy works depended on concrete approaches while present works rely mostly on the technology. No one anticipates of what may occur in the future.

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