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In my opinion, “Phoebus and Daphne”, by Ovid is very typical and humorous because it is very realistic. It is very realistic in the fact that men figuratively, and literally chase women they want. This story also displays Phoebus basically chasing her down to rape her, and even in the year 2013 we have this happening every day around the world. Shakespeare then took Phoebus and Daphne and sort of kept some of the original ideas from what Ovid wrote, but then added a reversed situation that made it even funnier. I also believe both excerpts are very funny depending on which perspective you look at the situation from.
Daphne was Phoebus’s first love according to the excerpt from Ovid, which was caused by Cupids fierce anger. Phoebus sees Daphne and analyzes her from head to toe; “He praises her wrists and hands and fingers, and her arms bare to the shoulder: whatever is hidden, he imagines more beautiful”. Phoebus wonders what she would look like naked, and this basically begins the obsession. She runs away and he begins chasing her like a wolf, with the intent of love supposedly; “This is the way a sheep runs from a wolf…it is love that is driving me to follow you!” Phoebus continues to chase her and then tries to persuade her to at least get to know him first because he is so amazing apparently; “Rash girl, you do not know, you cannot realize, who you run from, and so you run.” Presumably, Phoebus and Demetrius are probably larger and stronger than Daphne and Helena because, they both could have decided the outcome of the situation had they been larger and stronger. So Phoebus and Demetrius have the physical advantage I’m assuming. Daphne runs away because she finds all men repulsive basically, and Helena confronts Demetrius, but cannot exactly get what she wants because he could resist and does not love her. Cupid determined that he wanted Phoebus to love Daphne but she had the magical ability to turn into a tree. Shakespeare injected Helena into the equation, who is essentially Phoebus, but in the form of a woman. So now Helena is in love with Demetrius but he wants his beloved Hermia. Both excerpts have a character who desperately wants another...

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