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Literary Analysis Essay On Swingers And Squares By J California Cooper In Homemadeloe

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Oprah Winfrey didn’t always have it so easy. She grew up in milwavkee, Wis and was repeatedly molested by her cousin, uncle, and family friend. She eventually ran away from home, and at the age of 14, she had a baby boy who shortly died after. Oprah’s past did not stop her from swimming to the top of the rain. She excelled as an honors student in high school, and won an oratory contest which her a full scholarship to college, from which she made to the top of the rain according to’ Renee Jacques 2013’. Swimming to the top of the rain in homemade love by J. California Cooper is a story that tells how three sisters, care, angel and better and their children tried to swim to the top of the rain in different ways. This is story done base in the 1960s New York. Swimming to the top of the rain is the struggle someone has in life in order to be successful and this is carried out by every man on the earth but in different ways. Trusting God, staying focused and working hard ‘Jeffrey J. Mayer 2002’are three ways of swimming to the top of the rain without drowning.
Trusting God is a major substance in swimming to the top of the rain. Trusting God and moving close to him is a key factor in success. According to J. California cooper in homemade love ‘I went to church a lot. I stick close to God cause when you need a friend, you need one you can count on! Not the preacher ….but God’ ‘cooper 8’. According to John H. Stoll, ‘God knows us better than we know ourselves, as well as the fact that God desires that we enjoy success and fullness of life’, god knows the best for everyone so going close to him is the best thing to do in order to swim to the top of the rain.
Staying focused is really important in order to swim to the top of the rain. In order to stay focused, one must concentrate on the main goal and objective and strive towards achieving it. According to j. California cooper in homemade ‘she said was going to be a doctor, she said, and true enough she studied hard and volunteered at the hospital’ ’cooper 9’...

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