Literary Analysis How Do They Act As Heroes? The Outsiders By: S.E. Hinton

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Tiffany BeckerLiterary AnalysisLanguage Arts10/9/14Heroes. Society knows what they are, who they are. But are they truly the real heroes? The real heroes are not the ones that are beating imaginary villains. They are the ones that do whatever it takes to do the impossible. They save others emotionally and physically. They are the police officers, firefighters, and the guidance counselor. Those are the real heroes that can be seen everyday. However, there are heroes that express themselves in literature and do the unimaginable. The Outsiders is a detailed novel filled with dynamic scenes and characters. The author shows a detailed account of the life of a gang. But, this is not a normal gang. They get beaten up for having long hair, and they are not violent unless needed. The greasers have a gang rivalry with the wealth group, the Socs. The main character experiences many changes including: setting, emotions, and appearance. In S.E Hinton's The Outsiders, Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny emerge as heroes because they acted courageously in the face of danger.During the course of The Outsiders, Ponyboy is a dauntless noble hero.The text states, "Johnny looked around, slapping his pockets nervously. 'We gotta get outa here. Get somewhere. Run away. The police'll be here soon'" (57). Hinton is insisting indirectly that Ponyboy is a hero. In several ways, Ponyboy has gallant moments and completes heroic deeds. Gallantly, Ponyboy was a hero to Johnny, mentally and physically, as a supporter after he killed Bob. Ponyboy showed his fidelity to Johnny when he ran away. He helps Johnny survive in an unfamiliar area with the deed of murdering a living person. Therefore, Ponyboy showed his allegiance to Johnny. As said in the text, Johnny is a shy boy looking like he is a lost puppy. Dally states, "'For Pete's sake, get outa there! That roof's gonna cave in any minute. Forget those blasted kids!' I didn't pay any attention, although pieces of the old roof were crashing down to close to comfort. I snatched up another kid, hoping he didn't bite, and dropped him without waiting to see if he landed okay or not. I was coughing so hard I could barely stand up, and I wished I had time to take off Dally's Jacket''' (93). Likewise, Ponyboy believes that saving a few other young children would benefit them more than him living. In his mindset, the children still have more life to live. As the smoke pervaded the building, Ponyboy saved the kids showing his heroic abilities. Ponyboy was a true hero entering a burning building, barely breathing, rescuing little kids with a true heart. He helped the parents emotionally and physically. Ponyboy immediately ran into the building with a gut instinct of a rescuer. Ponyboy is a true hero. In conclusion, his heroic intentions are demonstrated by his actions.According to the reader, Johnny is a valiant leader that puts himself before others: "You really killed him, huh, Johnny?' 'Yeah.' His voice quavered slightly. 'I had to. They were...

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2434 words - 10 pages Hinton doing this with Ponyboy it makes him real (Roberts).You can learn a lot from this book. It shows a lot of different situations that most people wouldn't klnow what to do in. But it shows how there can be a huge transition over a period of time in people. People can go through so many experiences that make them just sit back and look at the bigger picture, at who they really are, at the lives they really lead. They can grow from these experiences into mature, wise, human beings.The Outsiders By S.E. Hinton

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1929 words - 8 pages The OutsidersThe Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a novel that focuses on the differences between two ways of life, rich and poor. It is set in the large town of Tulsa, Oklahoma in the United States of America and is centered on two rival gangs, one rich and the other poor. The story is set in the 1960's and gives a chronological account of incidents that take place over a few weeks.The narrator and protagonist of The Outsiders is Ponyboy Curtis, a

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1702 words - 7 pages “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies” (Aristotle). How can this happen when two characters are so different? How can they be similar? Dallas Winston and Johnny Cade from S.E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders have a connection deemed unlikely because of their extensive differences. While each being divergent from one another, their similarities come into play as to why they care so much for one another. Their differences stretch

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797 words - 3 pages is a person that does not try to hide himself behind a mask. He does not take everything so awkward and get so depressed if people do not like him. Ponyboy also has a kind heart. He saved kids from a fire risking his own life. That quality is something you will not find often in a person. Another thing I like about Ponyboy is that he tries hard at doing things and goes by his own ideas. When one of the gang started to be mean at two girls, he did

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730 words - 3 pages Imagine a life where danger lurks in every corner, and there is no hope for a shooting star to appear. This is how Dally and Johnny,two characters from S.E Hinton’s, The Outsiders, live everyday. One welcomes this trouble while the other cowers away. Dally Winston and Johnny Cade are two characters who although very different, have very similar characteristics. Johnny and Dallas are two very similar characters. For example

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897 words - 4 pages I had recently read a book called "The Outsiders" by SE Hinton. It is about two gangs which come from very different backgrounds. The first gang was called the Greasers. This gang was recognised by the grease which they wore to hold back their long hair, hence the gang name. Greasers came from an unfortunate background, where many families had been separated. Whereas the second gang called the Socs came from good homes with rich families, large

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4063 words - 16 pages With reference to a novel you know well show how a characters background and circumstances directly affect their actions.Recently in school we have been reading a book called The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton which is a novel where the author shows us how past events or circumstances can affect their personality and future actions.The story is set in a small town in America.A young boy and gang member, called Ponyboy Curtis narrates it.He tells us

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661 words - 3 pages , Johnny was beat up very badly by a Soc. One night, Dally, Johnny and Pony meet two Soc girls, Cherry and Marcia. They had a good conversation. On the way home, the Soc's some guys caught them all together. They turns to that the Bob is the same boy who beat Johnny up. Later that night, Ponyboy comes in late and gets into such a fight with Darry that he runs to the park with Johnny to get away from the house. Bob and his friends find Pony and

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1610 words - 6 pages girl. The whole status thing in high school drove Susie crazy. She couldn't understand why students would worry about whom they should say hi to in the halls. She had no label in high school. Hinton is quoted by Daly as saying, "If I had a label at all, it was probably something like the "School Nut", but I was friends with Greasers, Socs, and artsy-craftsies. I could talk to all of them because I wasn't any of them."Susie Hinton always wanted to

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867 words - 3 pages friend and he is also fourteen years old. He is kind of nerdy and cautious about everything. Him and Rusty have known each other from the cradle and that is why they are so close even though Steve is considered "uncool" by the rest of the gang. He looks like he is twelve years old and he acts as if he is forty.Plot SummaryA 14-year-old boy, Rusty-James meets up with his childhood friend Steve Hays. Together they discuss and recall their adventures and

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1124 words - 4 pages Self-discovery is one of the most important journeys a person can take. Life changes when a person realizes his/her own true self. The novel "The Outsiders", deals with affairs that are very close to the hearts of teens. The story is about fourteen years old Ponyboy who is tough and confused. The author S.E. Hinton tells the story of the young main character Ponyboy who goes on a quest that leads to self discovery; as he learns from his loyal

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1633 words - 7 pages The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton There are four stories in "The Outsiders" section; 'The Poor Relation's Story', 'Lou, the Prophet', 'The Stolen Bacillus' and 'Hop frog'. In all these stories we feel sympathy for someone, because they are seen as an outsider of their own society. However we feel a greater degree of sympathy for some of these characters that we do for others, whether this is because of their situation

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725 words - 3 pages S.E Hilton's novel 'The Outsiders' is very interesting. It is mainly about two gangs that are complete opposites, The Greasers and the Socs. The Greasers are from the hood, the east side, they steal things, drive old souped up cars and hold up petrol stations. They have gang fights once in a while. The Socs are the west side rich kids, they jump Greasers and wreck houses. They throw bear blasts for kicks. There are seven characters that are

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690 words - 3 pages done the same thing, maybe a friend of yours wouldn't have. It's the individual." (page 141)I think The Outsiders is called this because the story is about a group of people called the "greasers" who are considered to be losers by the rest of society. They act, dress and think differently to other people. They don't fit in."They steal things, drive old souped up cars, hold up gas stations and have gang fights once in a while" (page 3).None of