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Brains over brawn, who will win this battle?Homer's tale of Odysseus' adventures in “The Odyssey” show that being intelligent and cunning can be far better than having physical strength. Being physically strong certainly has its advantages, but not in all circumstances. Strength in intelligence shows new meaning of strength. Odysseus is amused with himself when he defeats Polyphemus. His great skills with a bow outweigh the others abilities. Knowledge of the placement of his bed win his beloveds heart.

Polyphemus had strength that was no match for men. Odysseus had physical strength, but his real strength is the mind. Odysseus would find himself in many predicaments in which he would have to choose how he will tackle the situation. One such occasion happens to be when Polyphemus captured Odysseus and his men and would not allow them to leave the cave. The boulder is placed in front of thee opening so that none of the men could budge it. The only way out would be to have Polyphemus push the boulder back out of the way. Odysseus must think of a way to make this happen. Odysseus tricked Polyphemus into opening the door by through a series of events. First, Odysseus filled him with wine making him sleepy. Once asleep Odysseus poked his eye with a hot spike. He then tells Polyphemus that no man has tricked you. “And I was filled with laughter to see how like a charm the name deceived them.” (Page 907) Odysseus was well pleased with the way he handled this situation. As an epic simile this line shows how Odysseus must rely on something other than strength, and that he tricked him, like a charm had been used into doing what he needed Polyphemus to do. He used intelligence to get the Cyclops to do as Odysseus would want. Just as Odysseus tricked the cyclops with his intelligence, he once again relies on it for another feat, to win a contest.

Odysseus is disguised as an old man and must prove that he can win back his wife, Penelope. The task is to be able to pull back the bow of Odysseus. All of the other suitors have failed. It is now Odysseus' turn. No one believes he can do it because he is old. He has tricked all of them into believing he is old and not up to the task. Odysseus has all knowledge of how this bow works. He is not old, but fiercely intelligent and physically strong as well. “But the man skilled in all ways of...

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