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Literary Analysis On "Out Of The Dust"

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Out of the Dust is a 1934 historical fiction novel written by Karen Hesse. The setting of the novel is in a struggling farm in Joyce City in Oklahoma. The novel talks of the challenges faced by Billie Jo a 13 year old girl and her family. It tells of Billie’s struggles a she grows up in Oklahoma Dust Bowl during the depression. Billie’s father was a farmer but his crops fail to nourish because of the drought but Billie is determined to make a better life for herself. Billie was a pianist and got a chance to travel around town with other aspiring performers but her mother never gave her the support she desperately needed. She decided to escape but her escape was halted by a horrific accident which let to her mother and her baby brother being bed ridden and later died. The accident left Billie Jo with severe burns on her hands until she could not play the piano the way she use to. However much she tried doing, she felt a lot of pain. She ran a way from home after she thinks that her father does not support her, later on she comes back home and mends her relationship with her father. She meets Louise who her father had met and she starts rebuilding her life. The family in Out of the Dust faces dust storms and an economic disaster resulting from the drought.
Out of the Dust story gives the reader an insight on what life was like in Joyce City where Billie lived. First of all the family was struggling and Billie had entered a talent show competition where she could have won a prize money of 3 dollars and this could help her family financially, but she never got the chance to go for it. The family was struggling and Karen Hesse tries to show the reader that they did not need a million dollars but only one, two or three dollars to help save their situation. Family meant everything for Billie and she was ready to go for the competition in order to win and get her family out of poverty and the struggles they were going through. She was determined to go for the competition and had no fear about her competitors; she was going to win, just to help her family.
Billie Jo was a strong and courageous character who could be admired by the readers. She faced grave difficulties in her life and was able to overcome them slowly. She struggles to...

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