Literary Elements Used In Mackinlay Kantor's A Man Who Had No Eyes

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“A Man Who Had No Eyes” by Mackinlay Kantor is a short story full of twists and suprises that contains three elements of literature, flashback, foreshadow, and character. These elements fill the story with excitement and bring the story to a higher, more advanced level that is more enjoyable for the one reading.
To begin with, flashback takes a major role in this story, informing the reader of past events that were unknown by breaking the plot of a story in order to inform of a previous event. The beggar had a flashback to the day he became blind. He told the story with creative persuasion because he was trying to make money by gaining sympathy. On page 150, the beggar tells him, ‘“I was there in the C shop, last of all the folks rushing out…’”. The beggar described in detail how he was trapped in the chemical fire which created smoke that would consume the workers who were trapped. The beggar describes the story with passion and believability. The story ends with the beggar describing how he was trapped in the fire and smoke, which blinded him because a larger man selfishly climbed over him in order to save his own life. After the beggar finished telling his story, Mr. Parsons remembered that same story, from a personal and more truthful point of view. On page 151 the author states, ‘“You were the fellow who hauled back on me and climbed over me…’”. Mr. Parsons describes the chemical fire and smoke event by recalling that the beggar was actually the cause of both of their blindness. Mr. Parson’s states that the large man who crawled over him was actually the beggar, who crawled over Mr. Parsons. Mr. Parsons goes on to tell the beggar that he also is blind because of the beggars selfish attempt to get out of the fire at the expense of the other workers. Mr. Parsons is in fact, blind because of the beggar.
In addition to flashbacks, foreshadowing is also a key part in telling this story by the author dropping hints that lead to unexpected events to come later on in the plot. In the beginning of the story, small clues were thrown in that are not easily noticed until the end. For example, on page...

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