Literary Essey: Machiavelli And "A Bronx Tale".

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I remember in elementary school. There was always a gang of boys that used to pick on the other kids. They would call people names and threaten to beat the snot out of you on the playground if you ticked them off enough. Often, other kids avoided these bullies and were afraid of them. Mainly because they were bigger and because they seemed to hold power over the rest of us. At an early age, these kids unknowlingly took advantage of a Machiavellian philosophy- It is better to be feared than loved. The movie A Bronx Tale depicts the pros and cons of this philosophy.The movie revolves around a boy named Colagio and the things he experiences in his neighborhood while growing up. Through the first scene of the movie, we see that Colagio looks up to his dad, Lorenzo. Colagio mimics things his dad does, such as crossing himself when he sees his dad do it while on his bus route passing a church. Lorenzo is depicted as a hard-working, blue collar, all-American. He is a stark contrast of another character, Sonny. Sonny is a powerful, and feared man associated with organized crime in Colagio's neighborhood. Sonny believes in having the "easy life" and individualism. Sonny makes a living by people fearing him and catering to him. There is an obvious conflict in Lorenzo's philosophy of hard work and family values and Sonny's easy life and evoking fear into others. Colagio becomes involved with Sonny after Colagio dosen't willfully identify him in a murder. Colagio thinks he does a good thing because he didn't "rat" on Sonny. This is the point where we see Colagio loose his innocence. Soon after this point, Colagio starts to hang out with Sonny and Sonny renames Colagio as "C." C starts to think of Sonny more as a father figure at this point. C realizes how people react too him now...

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