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Literary Movie Response Essay

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Charlie and the Chocolate factory is a remake of the children’s classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, although the acting, setting, and story may seem silly at times, the movie actually have a logical message hidden beneath it all. The emotional connection, credibility, logic, purpose, and setting of the movie are extremely valid, and when you get past the childish cover up, it is really a serious movie.
The use of pathos is very strong in the beginning and end of the movie, first with the Character Charlie. He does not come from a privileged background, and his father (the only working parent) does everything he can to provide for Charlie and the rest of the family. When the ...view middle of the document...

Just like the house Mr.Wonka's father was still there waiting for him to come back. In that scene you can see the pain of the parent that was victim to their child running away, and you can also see how scared the child, now adult was to face the parent. You can see Mr. Wonka expected the wrath of his father, just like any child would, but of course the parent was more overjoyed to see his child again.
Ethos is just as credible as Pathos is in this movie. Since the children are from all over the world, they need accents and for two of the children their accents are well done in my opinion, the German boy and his mother have a well done German accent, the use of stereotypes for the Germans is definitely used. The boy’s father works in a meat packing place, and he is folding sausages, if that doesn’t say German Stereotype then I will probably be wrong about the next stereotype for British people. The little British girl and her father have the most annoying British accents ever, but I think all British accents are annoying. Not only are their accents annoying, their teeth are crooked and disgusting. Average British people have awful teeth. The British characters have another stereotype related to being rich. The characters are snobby and greedy, just like an average rich person. With the behavior of the children, it makes me think the writer wanted to convey the seven deadly sins with the children.
Charlie and the Chocolate factory does not really use logos in my opinion. The movie is goofy and uses simple words, rarely did I hear a word I did not understand or that was...

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