Literary Techniques In Jasper Jones By Craig Silvey

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Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey is a coming of age story that filled with suspense and mystery keeping us captivated till the end. Set in the 1960’s in an old mining town if Corrigan, where everyone knows one another. I certainly agree with weartholdcoat’s opinions on the novel, it’s a great thrilling read that keeps you completely hooked. Silvey uses various techniques like narrative and language conventions, theme and Australian context to achieve such a captivating finish.

The story is seen through the innocent eyes of a 13 year old boy called Charlie Bucktin. The first person central point of view helps us to understand Charlie, to identify with him and his attitudes and values and for ...view middle of the document...

Language techniques such as direct description, dialogue, diction, imagery are a few conventions Silvey has used to develop his characters. Direct descriptions are the simplest way to start the characterisation, consequently it discloses a lot of information. The diction and register of Charlie is extensive and very formal and his vocabulary is so vast, from this the readers understand that Charlie is well educated. Words like “Admonish” “Philistine” “Traipsing” demonstrate the diction of Charlie. In contrast with Charlie, Jasper has colloquial language like “gonna” and “nuthin” and has a heavy Australian accent along with poor diction. Thus readers interpret Jasper is illiterate and doesn’t attend school. To some degree Jasper Jones represents the rejected outcast people, who don’t get their rights and become the scapegoat. The characters are so brilliantly sculptured that they become real breathing people that will forever stay in my heart.

Set in 1960’s, the fictional Australian mining town of Corrigan is full of mystery, barely hidden secrets but nevertheless a closed community.
“…Corrigan…cluster of hard shells that suck themselves stuck and clench.”
Imagery illustrates that Corrigan is a town that only worry about themselves and positions the readers to reject the town’s values and attitudes. Silvey has done...

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