?Literary ?Value? Is Not Inherent In The Text But Is

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?Literary ?value? is not inherent in the text but is produced by the institutions of society, especially the education system. Thus the text is not only ?produced? by its writer, it is ?re-produced? by society?.? Literary value can be determined by the relevance a piece of literature has to an audience. The determination of whether this relevance falls solely within a text, or on the other hand is somewhat universal in its context and thus timeless, being ?reproduced by society? because of its continual meaning, brings forth the different arguments between literary critics, whom appreciate, criticise and analyse literature in many different strands. Whether this determination is derived upon by a ?new critic,? a ?feminist? responder, or any other for that matter, literature is not something, which is appreciated by all responders in the exact same way. The text Wuthering Heights? and its literary value hence can be debated on many different levels. Frank Kamode quotes; ?For we don?t think of the novel as a code, or a nut, that can be broken; which contains or refers to a meaning all will agree upon.? On that approach, one may ask, what is the main aspect Wuthering Heights has which enables it to bring forth this discourse in analysis. Is it the literary techniques, themes and context in which the literature attempts to subdue its primary message, or the relevance it merely reflects to the whole of society, generating such a powerful and popular message that allows it to be re-generated in other forms of literature, far into the future, or merely a combination of the two.This debate can be analysed through the ?new critic? approach, the interpretation of the themes within the text. To begin, Wuthering Heights portrays a community slandered by dysfunctional families and complex characters. The complicated and intriguing mystery of the Earnshaw?s and Linton?s embodies a strand of events, each twisted by the reactions of the passionate characters whom battle through them. The melodrama, which surfaces from the accumulation of the catastrophes and chaos which the characters create due to their passion for one another, being either love or hate, develops the themes of love, jealousy, spirituality, hate, division, reconciliation, change, reflection, exclusion, class, wealth, greed, civilization, society, culture, religion and education, all which we too face sometimes in our own societies. These themes, expressed with such an extent of passion, intertwined with the unique attribution each character casts to the complexities, results in the responders being left with the most detailed portrayals of the themes in amongst the most emotive language. For example, when Heathcliff describes his despair to Nelly as he desperately wants to see Catherine; ?The moment her regard ceased, I would have torn his heart out, and drank his blood! But, till then ? if you don?t believe me, you don?t know me ? till then, I would have died by inches before I touched a single...

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