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Literary Worth Essay

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The readings were insightful and had interesting approaches to Negro mood. They had many emotional elements that were for the readers understanding of the different situations Negroes faced. When looking at the writings collectively they create a timeline. The timeline shows the various changes the Negroes mindset has gone through. The reader is exposed to three types of Negroes; one, the compliant Negro who knows his place, two, the Negro with will take his revenge and three, Negro who is conflicted between his desires and his responsibilities to his people.
The poem, "We Wear the Mask”, by Paul Laurence Dunbar is about separating Blacks people from the masks they wear. When Blacks wear ...view middle of the document...

He wanted Blacks to embrace their animal nature. They needed to use it to their advantage. McKay wanted Blacks to fight back and not lie down and die. It was time for them stand up and join forces against their oppressor. McKay tells them not to worry about the number of whites they are up against. For the Negro is a brave and fearless man. At the end of the poem McKay reversed the roles of the hunter and the hunted animal. Blacks were now the hunters and ready for war. They had a common goal and they were united.
The short story by Charles W. Chesnutt “The Doll” is about, Tom Taylor a black barbershop owner who is given the opportunity to get justice for his father’s death. Tom went to work as normal thinking it was going to be a typical day. During the day Colonel Forsyth and Judge Beeman (Governor) walked in. The Colonel wanted to prove, “They [Blacks] are born to serve and to submit. If they had been worthy of equality they would never have endured slavery. They have no proper self-respect; they will neither resent an insult, nor defend a right, nor avenge a wrong” (Crisis, 90). The governor felt like the Colonel is being too hard on Blacks. The Colonel decided to settle their debate by going to the hotels barber.
The Colonel knew who Tom the barber was before he sat in in his chair. Once settled in the Colonel began to talk about a murder he had committed in the South many years ago. The events that surrounded of the Colonel horrible act were familiar to Tom. The man the Colonel murdered was Tom’s father. Tom was faced with two options to get justice for his father death or to let the Colonel live. This was the moment Tom has dreamed about. To have his father’s killer life in his hands...

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