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Literate And Illiterate World In Our Society

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In America, we are split in two different worlds, meaning there are two lifestyles in our society. One lifestyle is where America is more focused on the literate world. This lifestyle finds it important to understand and read things thoroughly in order to understand life. This side of America is capable to detect from what is right and what is wrong for our society. They firmly believe that education is an important factor in life. On the contrary the other lifestyle of America is the non-reality based belief system. These people believe that we do not have to understand and read everything that it is okay to just observe the images and get hints of what is going on in life. People who live ...view middle of the document...

Once the campaign is over and time has passed the illiterate people still remain unable to understand daily living tasks. Many of them do not know why they make the decisions they make and cannot grasp why our society is the way it is. People struggle with the most basic tasks of life for example, reading instructions for medicine or filling out bank forms. They provide support to companies that illustrate happy images to their face rather than knowing the real reason they support them. These people are unaware of what is truly going on with our society.
Today in our society, political leaders no longer need to demonstrate how much knowledge and understanding they have towards our society in crisis. They feel the need that they no longer need to be honest and have values towards why they running the political campaigns. Political parties know that they can get a lot of illiterate people to vote for them. They get majority votes by attracting them with successful advertisements. The other political candidates are focused on what they value and what they stand for rather than focusing on what can attract people’s attention through advertisements.
In society we are constantly fed by lies. Many people cannot detect these lies from the truth. Our world makes the lies they feed us like if they were the truth. The only people who can detect these lies from the truth are the people who actually read and understand the concepts that are being fed to us. Reality is never seen easily we have to experience and understand the truth.
The Princeton review has done research and has analyzed the past political debates between elections in the United States from 1700s and to today present day in the 21st century. They come to realize that in today’s society these political candidates and presidents were talking from 5th grade-8th grade level speech. The political candidates from the United States in the 19th century were talking almost at 12th grade...

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