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Literature And Astronomy Essay

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I Wish to Expand my Knowledge of Literature and Astronomy

"Where the telescope ends, the microscope begins. Who is to say of the two, which has the grander view?" - Victor Hugo

Hugo's words ring true for me because my principal academic interests fall into two main categories: literature and astronomy. In literature, I have learned that there is a great amount of meaning to be found through careful analysis; one must often look at literature "under a microscope" to discover its deepest value. Yet in studying astronomy, I have begun to feel that the greatest mysteries of life, such as "Where does life come from?" and "What role do we play in the universe?" can only be solved by looking through a telescope. My interest in these two subjects reveals my main academic goal: I wish to explore these areas as fully as I can. I feel that this approach will result in one of the two fields emerging as my deepest passion and career direction, and the other remaining a lifelong interest. While I hold this goal close to my heart, I know that the journey toward it, upon which I have already embarked, is in some ways as valuable as reaching the goal. As the noble Odysseus would attest to, there must be a goal in sight for a journey to occur, but in the end, the goal can be found within the journey itself.

The journey began for me as a young child when my mom, a children's librarian, filled our home with wonderful books, and my dad read them aloud to us at night. Listening to these classics was the cherished part of my day and it is to this early presence of...

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