Literature And Fairy Tales Are An Important Part Of Society

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Literature has always been a part of society. Some are deemed superior to others and have unique, artistic merit. Some are read as adolescents. A large portion of literature for growing children is fairy tales. Modern fairy tales are about Alice falling down a rabbit hole, into Wonderland, or Dorothy traveling to Oz. The old classics are Cinderella and her glass slipper, or the adventures of Peter Pan in Neverland. These are stories that are suppose to teach younger to be good when they grow up. It teaches them to follow their dreams and express themselves. It's wonderful way to teach children how to read and how to dream.
Fairy tales have repetitive dynamics to them. That's because stories have been told several times before someone decided to document it. It has been shared all over the world for thousands of years, which prompts how the story begins, "once upon a time." Nobody knows when the adventure happened. Fairy tales have travelled from land to land. Many stories have changed as they changed hands of storytellers. Eventually these stories found their way to central Europe where two brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, decided to document these fascinating stories down. Before they knew it, they'd become famous for them ("Grimms' Fairy Tales").
These fairy tales affect our developing brains in the strangest of ways. They inspire children to be and act like heroes. The options are endless. Children can be anything they want to be. Little girls can be beautiful princesses and little boys can be fearless princes. Imaginations run wild. The entire world is in their hands.
But as they run away with their imaginations of magnificent lions and legendary wizards, their innocence diminishes because of the brutality displayed. The reality of fairy tales may not be as sweet as they've been told in the last century. There are many reasons why parents wouldn't want their kids to read fairy tales, but to allow young readers to understand that the world isn't just sunshine and rainbows, the society should gradually shift from sweet love stories that has been adopted to more realistic stories.
Fairy tales go back for thousands of years. It can virtually be about anything: "faeries, fey, goblins, elves, trolls, witches, giants, and/ or talking animals." Even though fairy tales are dated back thousands of years, it's only become popular amongst children in the 19th and 20th centuries ("The Origin of Fairy Tales."). The fairy tales that are known in the recent centuries are not the same ones that were popular in the centuries before. The original Grimm Brother's collections were more gruesome and scary. Many of the heroes and heroines didn't have a happily ever after. That's because fairy tales weren't originally meant for kids. They were for adults and meant teach the adults about social morals. The most well-known writers for the fairy tales are the Grimm Brothers, but even they weren't the original writers. They wrote the stories with intentions of it...

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