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Literature = Anti Literature = A Manifesto To Commit Suicide

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Literature = anti literature = a manifesto to commit suicideSamir Karmakar[It is an article about our silent suicide, and if you are reading this one that means you are mourning for our eternal death, life or resurrection. Because in one sense we all are the author, a better craftsman of our present time. And this is the cause enough to mourn for our own death in our own funeral ceremony...Amen!]Writing against the literature in terms of literature is always a risky one. Still one has to take up the risk to keep one's own self up out of the trap of illusion, elimination and alienation. Yes what I intend to say is that literature means all these three things. For a literary person no doubt this type of comment may seems as a shock wave. But if we think in some different way we can easily find out the validation of the comment.Literature is illusion in the sense that it introduces life in a measured way. One of the basic criteria for being a good literary work is to alienate a piece of reality from the rest of the whole, delimiting it by eliminating the infinitesimal factors. And this reduced notion of reality ultimately becomes the object of the scientific analysis of the art and artist. Just consider a simple case of sketching a character for a novel. Now a character of a novel should not be considered as the real character of the contemporary world, rather it should be considered as a hyper-real. It is a way to find out the justification of one's own beingness, in a world which is manufactured by an AUTHOR. The character of a novel is a functional stimuli, which motivate the reader to take an enter into the dream world of the novel in particular and of course in the world of literature in general. The world of the novel is a manufactured one, under the authority of the omnipresent AUTHOR, a product of the contemporary society. Through Author, society imposes a constant pressure upon the individual to control and construct the...

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