Literature As A Reflection Upon Society "Where Are The Origins Of American Literature Derived From?"

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ESSAYWhen historians look through history they look at many different aspects of it including literature, whether its Native American tales or Ben Franklin's journal there are hints that suggest certain values such as self-awareness, loyalty, nature, equality, and fairness. Out of all the values nature and equality (fairness) has proven to be the most important. When we look in historic literature fairness keeps showing up as the bases of everything good and nature has to do with everything in the world except humans. In Indian stories history repeats its self over and over again as each and every Indian tale has to do with nature. When one reads the Declaration of Independence there is an undertone of equality, every word has to do with making America what back then they called equal.Looking through American Literature in the Declaration of Independence it displayed a rule or guide book for 18th century Americans and showed rights and equality for the people of that area. The Declaration of Independence has everything to do with fairness in that it preaches how the new country of the USA will have aspects of equality.This is important because the Declaration of Independence is the "on paper" version of the foundation of our country. Although the women are very much left out of the circle in Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence in the era of when it was written was still very equal and fair compared to any other document of the age and time.In the Iroquois Constitution it has many parallels to the Declaration of independence including the value of equality and fairness that shows itself so much in history. The major parallel with the too documents was the...

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