Literature Essay: Choose 2 Poems, Which You Enjoy, And Explain Why You Enjoy Them, Making Close Reference To The Poems.

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Literature essay: Choose 2 poems, which you enjoy, and explain why you enjoy them, making close reference to the poems. The two poems, which I enjoy immensely, are "Personal Helicon" and "The Poplar-field"."Personal Helicon" by Seamus Heaney is basically about the poet's creative process described through the use of uncommon and unique imagery: exploring of wells. The title itself means "my own source of inspiration" as "Helicon", in Greek mythology, refers to the mountain where the Muses, goddesses of all artistic inspiration, live.In each of the first four stanzas, different facets of the poet's fascination with wells are shown. His description of the wells is purely for the readers to share in his enjoyment of wells. He also intends for the readers to appreciate it through his usage of rich, passionate and sensuous imagery that appeals to all our senses, giving the readers a sense of personally being there smelling, touching and seeing the wells.In the first stanza, the overwhelming allure that draws him to wells is being described, "As a child they could not keep me from wells"¦ and windlasses." The mystery of wells attracts him and wells are described as mysterious with its "dark drop, the trapped sky, the smells".In the second stanza, he focuses on one well and vividly describes it as being" in a brickyard" covered "with a rotted board top." He describes the depth of the well by using the imagery of eating, "savoured the rich crash when a bucket plummeted down" and describes the well as being so deep that no light reaches it, "saw no reflection in it". He also suggests the idea of the well being full of possibilities through his choice of words, "rich" and "crash" (rich sound instead of a thud).In stanza three, he describes the well, "a shallow one under a dry stone ditch" as being abundant with mosses and other pondweeds, "fructified like any aquarium". This again creates an image of wells having infinite possibilities. However the last line, "A white face hovered over the bottom" suggests that the poet's own reflection is unrecognizable even to himself. The poet is perhaps providing an insight that his true self has been disguised because of circumstances.The whole description of the wells in the three stanzas collectively suggests that by looking into wells: dark, covered and deep, it is similar to exploring our dark, unknown side and the part of us that is hidden from the world. Only through self-exploration, will we have a better understanding of ourselves.The fourth stanza has philosophical connotations. "Others had echoes, gave back your own call with a clean new music in it" suggests that one can gather new perceptive by daring to explore the unknown. It is also revealed that his childhood fascination with wells paved the way for him to become a poet as the idea of sound started when he was exploring wells, "echoes".However in the last stanza, the poet takes on a more nostalgic and reflective tone. He uses the imagery...

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