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Literature For Diverse Students Inquiry Essay

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How can I, as an educator, help Spanish-speaking, English Language Learners, become more comfortable with the English language, academically, and socially? Providing students with ample, high quality books that they can relate to is a key step to answering this question. The books chosen to help answer the inquiry topic would be useful for a wide range of grades, from kindergarten to fifth grade. I chose these books to show that high quality books can be implemented throughout grades to help any students at any level.
Bilingual books are especially important. By providing text in a student’s native language and a new language, students feel more comfortable trying to learn new words when ...view middle of the document...

Latino/a books also provide an ELL student with comfort while learning a new language. The two books chosen for this category, focus on the importance of family, which is often the main focus for many Latinos. It is important to have books available to students that they can relate to. In My Family by Carmen Lomas Garza provides ELL students with just that. This books takes a look at a Latino/a family and the events that happen day to day and of traditional Latino/a stories that some Spanish-speaking students may have heard from their families. The illustrations in the book are authentic and appealing to the reader. A Day with My Aunts by Anilú Bernardo is a story of family, traditional cooking, makeup, and music. It also includes recipes in the back of the book; this is a nice addition to the book that stresses the importance of the culture. Both of these book would be appropriate for a fifth grade reading level and could be incorporated into independent reading time or even a lesson on different cultures. Having students use these books to present their culture to the class would be a great way to get the ELL students involved in using English academic language.
Many books are geared towards a female audience; it is important to provide the males in the classroom with books that they can relate to. Books written by male authors, or focused on a male in the story give the ELL male students something they can connect with. Having these books available for independent reading or using them as a lesson can make the male students feel involved and connected in the classroom. Antonio’s Card by Rigoberto is a story of a young boy with lesbian parents. Antonio struggles with the children at school making fun of his diverse family. This book could be presented to ELL students and non-ELL students to promote family, kindness, and taking pride in oneself. This book provides many examples of diversity and could be relatable for many students. Antonio’s Card would be ideal for second or third grade students. Ricardo’s Race written by Diane Gonzales Bertrand is a true story about a young boy. The story tells about how when he first started school, he only knew Spanish. As he grew, he learned English, made friends, and discovered that he was a great runner. He was discouraged by his guidance counselor at school, and...

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