Literature Review Of 5 Articles

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Literature Review of 5 articles
Based on secondary research of articles that our group had conducted, it led us to the problem statement that quality does not meet price. We accumulated five significant articles and utilized its information in order to generate the problem statement. What we noticed is that there were a lot of articles regarding quality issues related to Sony laptops. This made us question the high prices of Sony's offerings.
The first article, entitled “Sony shares drop after VAIO recall," from the New York Times talked about the consequence of the 438,000 units of VAIO TZ laptops that were recalled last year. Among 200 cases worldwide, 70 incidents of overheating were reported, which was caused by faulty wiring (Izumi, 2008). According to the article, the effect of the recalls had resulted in Sony shares to fall by 4.2 percent. The next article mentioned that Sony is no stranger to the laptop recalls because of the laptop battery recall back in 2008 (Null, 2008). This article questioned the reliability of Sony laptops.
On the other hand, another article talked about a graphic chip in some of the Sony VAIO laptops that may fail, due to the NVDIA chip being faulty and overheating (Pert, 2009). Though this article only informs readers of the failure of the chip installed by Sony, the next article our group found acknowledged the graphic issues related to the NVIDIA chip. The potential defective graphics chips were believed to be built into 14 Sony VAIO laptop models and could cause display issues, video distortion, blank screen, and other uncharacteristic graphic related issues (My Digital Life, 2009).
Finally, the last article we collected discussed the overpricing of Sony VAIO laptops, in particular, the Sony VAI Z series, which costs about $4,000. The author stated that although Sony offers some really good features with this model, the price tag on the laptop is way above competitors that may offer similar features. According to the author, there is nothing to justify the pricing of the laptop at $3,900 (Crothers, 2009).

Data Collection Process for Primary Research
Our primary research consisted of a convenience sample of 8 in-depth interviews. Each interview was based on 10 qualitative questions concerning the quality of Sony VAIO laptops. The eight participants we interviewed were James, Morgan, Sam, Ben, Jerry, Sushma, Joanna, and Patrick. Of the eight participants, three own a Sony VAIO, while the other five own a different laptop brand; these other brands included Dell, HP, Acer, and Apple. All Participants were people we knew, and we individually interviewed them through face-to-face communication and through e-mail.
The reason we decided on a convenience sample as the process of our data collection is because not many people own Sony laptops. Furthermore, people who we knew that owned Sony laptops did not experienced the recall problems....

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