Literature Review: Electric Motors And Generators

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Our world is powered by electricity; it surrounds us in every turn and every corner, powering our streetlights, our TVs, our hospitals, our homes, and our communities. Electricity is a form of energy that results from charged particles. There are many energy sources that can be converted into electricity, and that’s why it is suited for powering our society. We can generate electricity from burning fuels, energy of falling water, solar energy, and basically anything that has energy. Electricity is also easy to distribute, using transmission lines connecting the energy power station to homes, schools and so on. Atoms consist of electric charge, so electric charge is everywhere ...view middle of the document...

Moritz Jacobi, 1834, built the world’s first real electric motor, there had been other electromagnetic devices but none of them had a mechanical output, which was powerful enough to do a task (Doppelbauer, 2012). Electric motors are extremely important to the modern-day life; they are used in vacuum cleaners, printers, automobiles, subway systems and many more applications. Motors operate using Ampere’s Law, which states that a wire carrying an electric current produces a magnetic field around itself. That current creates a magnetic field; therefore the wire becomes a magnet. In a motor a wire is a loop that rotates between two magnets (Science Clarified, 2014). There are two main types of motors AC and DC. Each motor works differently but they both use the power of the electromagnetic field. Alternating current motors and direct current motors, the AC motors are more efficient and commonly used in our world while the DC motors were first developed and are 75% - 80% efficient (Edison Tech Center, 2012). In AC motors, the current flows first in one direction through the wire loop and then reverses itself, making the magnetic field produces by the loop change with it. This shifting in the magnetic field is necessary to keep the motor operation. As we all already know opposite sides attract and by shifting the current we allow the north and south pole of the magnetic field around the wire loop to change therefore the wire loop keeps spinning. This spinning motion can be used to operate electrical appliances (Science Clarified, 2014).

According to Wikipedia, an electric generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. The electric generator does that using electromagnetic induction, which is the current produced by relative motion of the magnet in a closed circuit (elearnin, 2013). A generator simply moves a magnet near a wire to create a steady slow of electrons. Coils of wire are tightly wound onto a metal core and are placed inside an array of large magnets where they spin. The coil and its core are called armature, by connecting them to a shaft of a mechanical power source the conductor can spin at very high speed through the magnetic field, creating a powerful flow of electricity(Sommers, N.p)

Generators began to be used by the public on 1878, and soon after that the electric generators were everywhere. The rapid improvement of generators was a result of commercial sales and money available for research. Some generators still work even after 115 years (Edison Tech Center, 2012). Generators are the heart of modern power station. They furnish electric power that runs machines in factories, provides lighting, and operates home appliances (OoCities, 2009). These generators are powered by fossil fuels, which are one of the main reasons why global warming is happening and one of the causes for the hole in the ozone. Therefore we need alternative energies to power these generators, energy that would sustain us today...

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