Literature Review For Improving Serial Number Tracking

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Improving the serial number process in an innovative manner and minimizing cost in the process will greatly benefit CV Logistics. Logistics and manufacturing companies are currently using or moving towards automated systems that increase productivity. “Hand Held Products launched the world's first commercially viable hand held barcode wand scanner in 1972.” (barcoding, 2003, para. 3) Almost forty years later the technology has become mainstream and utilized in the majority of businesses. Also, since 1972 the price of hand held scanners has dramatically dropped.
“Within the commercial sector, handheld scanners are utilized to increase productivity and efficiency in a variety of sub-verticals such as legal services, educational institutions, and hospitality.” “Handheld scanners and 2D bar codes to track inventory, expedite access, reduce paper-ticketing cost and curb counterfeiting for patrons.” (EMEA, 2007) Implementing a scanner into the serial tracking process at CV Logistics will greatly benefit the company.
Numerous companies have created scanners such as Symbol, Wasp, and Motorola. These and other companies make it possible to increase productivity in regards to material handling. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2009) “Methods of handling materials have changed significantly in recent years. Large warehouses increasingly are becoming automated, with equipment such as automatic sorting systems, robots, computer-directed trucks, and automated identification and data collection (AIDC) systems. This automation, coupled with the growing use of hand-held barcode and RFID scanners in shipping and receiving departments, should increase the productivity of shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks.” (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2009, para. 16)
Advantages of establishing an improved technology
Technology can be used as a valuable resource. “It is extremely important to have the necessary technology for the development of new product.” (Abdullah, Bin Bakar, 2000, p. 60) With the numerous technology advances available technology upgrade cost are less and more achievable. “Firms may obtain the necessary technologies by combining internal and external sources. In other words, firms may obtain necessary technologies by developing their own commitment or organizing a consortium with other firms, universities and government-funded institutes when participating in government R & D programs.” (Abdullah et al., 2000)
However, research and development is not the only necessary factor that’s involved in establishing an improved system. “Understanding the relationship between technology and productivity requires moving beyond an exclusive focus on R & D efforts in the high-tech segment of manufacturing.” (Organization for Economic Cooperation, 1998) The organization must be familiarized with the idea of implementing new technology. The new technology maybe unwelcomed at first. Therefore, the support of management is absolutely necessary. After,...

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