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Literature Review Of The Articles "What Kids (Really) Need?" By Nancy Gibbs And "A Quest For A Super Kid" By Jeffrey Kluger With Alice Park.

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What do kids really NEED? Some mothers drop them off at a day care center to earn money so the child can supported but some mothers stay home with the child to give the child it needs to be ready for school and the child's future. Two articles were published on Time Magazine. As an article by Nancy Gibbs, "What kids (really) NEED?" and another article by Jeffrey Kluger with Alice Park, "A Quest For a Super Kid" published on the 30th of April 2001. Which child will turn up good, the one at a day care center or the one who spends the time with its mother?A major issue explored in the articles was the relationship between the child and the mother. Should the mother be going to work or staying home and playing and spending time with child? As the less time a mother spends with her child before school, the child gets more 'aggressive', 'disobedience' and 'defiant' by the time they go to kindergarten but if a child spends more than thirty hours a week in a day care center, the child will start to ' get into lots of fights', 'cruelty', 'explosive behaviours', 'talks too much', 'argues' and 'demands a lot of attention' according to research done by Gibbs. To get a good child, the mother should follow the cues given by the child when to do the correct thing for the child, such as introducing a language or a second language but the language also has to be frequently spoken at home. The more trusting and secure relationship there is between the mother and the child and can be developed by cuddling, gazing and playing as well as giving more attention will give a chance to grow into an intellectual. The only person that can take care of a child and nurture it is a mother but recently in the US, the population of working mothers has increased from forty-four percent in 1975 to fifty-four percent in 1985 and in 1999, it went up to sixty-two percent according to Kluger and the US statistics. Only a mother knows how to take care of one's child and what a child needs.As parents have to work for the needed income, what do they do with their child (ren)? Well, they just drop them of at a day care center. Why aren't there any good day centers? According to Gibbs, it's because the day care center workers only gets paid $7/hr while they can do an easier job such as a parking attendant and get the same pay....

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