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Literature Review On The Use Of Treated Water For Concrete Use.

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Main objective of literature review of the paper was to study the utilization of treated water or reclaimed water for use in concrete mix and for construction purpose. Recycled water is generally treated as reclaimed water means water recycled from various sources.


Due to rapid industrialization, urbanization, the effect of globalization all through the world increased the consumption of concrete in construction works. As such concrete playing a major role in development of infrastructure facilities. Concrete a mixture of cement, water, course aggregate, fine aggregates; increase in consumption of concrete increased the utilization of natural resources. Water a major component in making concrete mix as we say potable water or domestic water used for drinking purpose is suitable for concrete mix.

Scarcity in potable water is made to look for alternative sources of potable water. Only about 2% fresh water is available in the world of which nearly 96% is locked in the form of polar ice and snow. Water for concrete is used in two ways of, for mixing concrete and for curing purpose. Quality and quantity of water used in concrete will directly effects the properties of concrete like, setting times, strength, workability properties. The treated waste water or reclaimed water is an alternative source for water collected at the initial stage of treatment from various industries, domestic purposes, boilers etc, can be collected and is used for concrete mixing purpose.

Water for concrete purpose:

Potable water that is free from organic matter is used for concrete mixing. Actually water forms cement paste that is made by cementations materials by reaction process known as hydration. The cement paste that is formed is used to bind the fine aggregate and coarse aggregates forms a solid material known as concrete. The cement paste generally termed as C-S-H gel, commonly calcium silicate hydrate gel formed by the reaction of C3S compound

C3S + H → C-S-H + CH
Ca3Sio5 + H2O → (Cao) . (Sio2) . (H2o) gel + Ca (OH)2

Effect of water on strength of concrete:

The strength of concrete depends upon water cement ratio, the relationship will be given by strength to cement paste in concrete and cement paste to porosity present in concrete and porosity is a function of water cement ratio.
Cement paste which is formed by mixing water is cementations materials, makes reaction known as hydration, water plays a key role in this hydration process and major compounds forms chemical bonds with water molecules the final product will be hydrates or hydration products.

In hydration process cement will undergo chemical changes in slow and forms new crystalline materials, heat will be evolved and hardened cement paste which is known as binder, controls the properties of the concrete.

And hence water is to be free from external materials and pure, so that other side reactions caused by...


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