Literature Review On Writting Well Reasearch And Writting Essay

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Trey Colbert
Research and Writing Techniques 6308
John Perry, Ph.D.
September 10, 2017
Lit Review On Writing Well
The book On Writing Well, by William Zinsser has its high and low points. This book talks to you on how to become a better writer. Splitting the book into four parts: Principles, Methods, Forms, and Attitudes. Principals being the focus of this literature review, discussing what was talked about in the principals sections. Pointing out the good and bad of the principals section of this book. There can be a lot to learn from this book, it solely depends on if someone will take their time and understand the message that is being given of.
The principals of being a good writer when you hear them, sound very simple. William Zinsser says there are six main principals that will make someone write well. Each of these principals are split up into their own chapter. Simplicity, Clutter, Style, The Audience, Words, and Usage. Simplicity is the perfect way to start this book, Zinsser uses such simplicity in his explanations, to where it seems writing well is an easy task. Giving an example of the president Franklyn D Roosevelt. (Zinsser 6). He asks a question on how people can achieve the freedom of clutter. The answer was very simple “Free your mind of clutter” (Zinsser 8). Ending the chapter in a few paragraphs later, which made perfect for the transition to clutter in the next chapter. He says when you sit down actually read your writing, you tend to start noticing useless words. Taking those words out would do no harm to your paper, meaning those words serve no purpose in the writing. He states there are a few questions a writer can ask themselves to remove clutter. “Have I said it? Is it clear to someone encountering the subject for the first time?” (Zinsser 9).Regardless of the fact that is stated in the first chapter, it is still important in the clutter chapter. He then discusses style, which is of great importance. It is very easy to know when someone is not...

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