Literature Review: "The Great Gatsby"

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The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is by far one of the most interesting yet congested books I have ever read. I feel as if the story is shifting as soon as I was able to tell what was happening. One idea that was constant was the themes, symbols and motifs used throughout. Love and the seduction of money, to me, were the most influential themes that I noticed in the book.
Instead of picking them apart I would like to combine them. They worked in synchronicity, together, to define the environment, characters, style of life during that time. When I say that time, I mean the 1920’s American life style. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s characters were only interested in money, like many in that time period. To them, becoming rich is the main goal in life and nothing will stand in their way. This also affected love. Love became materialized, which resulted in all the relationships not about love to fail and in the novel, all the relationships that weren’t about love failed because they were materialized. A perfect example of this is the relationship between Tom Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson. Tom uses Myrtle for sex and in return she receives money and gifts. There is no actual love between the two, just the lure of material possession. The reasoning behind this is Myrtle is sick of here husbands lack of success and longs for wealth, which Tom has. Tom who is from the West Eggs, looks down on anyone not in his “class” there fore treating Myrtle like trash, you could even say just using her. This theme is continued when Tom marries Daisy. The marriage is not about love, yet again, it is about wealth and all the way to the end of the story with the death of Gatsby. Daisy only loved Gatsby because he had money, which was the only reason. When the money was cut off, the connection also died. Even though she seems pretty convincing of her love, she never sent ant flowers to Gatsby’s funeral. The love that supposedly existed between Gatsby and Daisy was a one sided battle, that ended in death. What F. Scott Fitzgerald did that was very impressive was use the weather to exemplify love in this novel.
This motif of weather really surprised me. I took me a while to notice how that the weather matched the emotion of this novel. When ever Fitzgerald made a point about the weather, it helps to describe the emotional tone of what is going on. In chapter V when Gatsby gets Nick to set up a meeting with his lost love daisy, Gatsby uses rain and dismal weather which helps set the tone for the affair that is about to take...

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