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Literature Review Of The Experiences Of Obese Children

2857 words - 12 pages

Chapter 1 - Introduction
1.1 – Introduction and Background
1.2 – Research Aims
1.3 - Research Objectives
Chapter 2 – Methodology
2.1 – Why a Literature Review?
2.2 – Data Collection
2.3 – Data Selection
Chapter 3 – Findings
3.1 – Research Aim
3.2 – Research Objective
3.3 – Key Trends in Data
Chapter 4 – Discussion
Chapter 5 – Conclusions and Recommendations

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Introduction and Background
Obesity is seen as the outcome of an imbalance of a person’s energy intake and the expenditure of this energy. This imbalance causes a person to store the unused energy and therefore gain weight. Sullivan (2004) also defines obesity as an excess of body fat and mentions that the level of obesity can be calculated arithmetically by the use of the Body Mass Index (BMI). A person would be referred to as overweight if their BMI exceeds 25 on the scale, whereas those who fall in the category of 30 or above are classed as obese, however throughout this study, the words ‘overweight’ and ‘obese’ will be used interchangeably even though over weight implies less excess body fat than obesity.

The relevance of obesity is continuing to grow, the phenomenon is on the rise as more people are becoming over-weight or obese. Caelers (2006) states that in the United States, some 24% of adults are obese, as are nearly 13% of children, between 1976 and 2000 had doubled, with this continuing to grow (AOA, 2002). Britain is not far behind with around 18% of people being classified as obese. This increase, particularly within children, bares the reason that this study will focus on obesity.

1.2 Research Aims
- To examine whether children’s experiences of obesity can offer social workers an insight into how to combat the epidemic

1.3 Research Objectives
- To explore the social consequences of childhood obesity
- To explore the emotional consequence of childhood obesity
- To explore the consequences that a lack of physical activity can have on obese children
- To explore the experiences of obese children and what social workers can do to help
Chapter 2 – Methodology
2.1 Why A Literature Review?
Literature reviews are often used to gather relevant research on any particular topic so that research can be expanded. They explore different angles and arguments regarding the given topic and point out gaps in the knowledge and possibilities for future research. Given that obesity is a sensitive topic to discuss particularly with children, there are ethical dilemmas to consider when collecting data via interviews and questionnaires to gain insight into their experiences. It is due to this reason that this study will explore research that has been gathered to gain an insight into where social work can be of use within the education and prevention of childhood obesity along with finding gaps in the knowledge so that future research and fill these.

2.2 Data Collection
Data was collected through the use of academic journals...

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