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Litertary Movie Analysis:The Great Gatsby

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Writers and movie directors for years have the goal to try to tell or persuade the audience with their ideas on an issue or a cause that they believe in. They do this with the help of Aristotle’s idea of ethos, pathos, logos, telos, and kalos.These five rhetorical pillars are essential in writing and help readers figure out if the writer wrote persuasive or unpersuasive texts in their writings. In this essay, I will explain what the five rhetorical pillars are in the movie Great Gatsby and show examples of each of the five rhetorical pillars.
In the movie The Great Gatsby, there are many great example of pathos that helps connect emotional appeal to the audience. Like for example how Nick Caraway says in the movie that “Gatsby believes in the green light, the orgiastic that year by year exceeds before us.” This shows emotion that the audience connects to because he says that Gatsby made a change in his ...view middle of the document...

The movie also shows many examples of ethos in the film. A good example of ethos is How Nick is somewhat the narrator of the story. And how you see Gatsby due to how he views him and how he persuades the audience to view him as he does. Or how the author tries to get the message out of how most of the characters in the story cheat on each other and explains that people are disloyal and non-trustworthy. And how in the movie Nick also describes the rare features or traits that Gatsby possess that makes him a unique character that helps persuade the audience to like him. These are just a few examples of ethos in the film that explains the credibility of the director.
There are also many great examples of logos or logical arguments in the film. Like How there is a scene in the film where Tom and Gatsby argue with each other of who Daisy should go with. And Tom uses logical reasoning with Gatsby to show who he truly is and how Daisy should choose him over Gatsby.
The Great Gatsby has great examples of telos or purpose in the film in conducting its message to the viewer. Like the billboard that Nick saw in the scene at the gas station where Mertile lives. The purpose of the billboard was to explain the all-seeing eyes or meaning that god is always watching you. Or how the purpose of Gatsby buying anything he wants but can’t get Daisy back shows that money can’t buy you everything in life. And lastly one of the purposes in the film was showing how the classes were divided and how they lived in some version of a distorted American dream. Like when they made a transition of the nice city where people where living care free, to where Nick passed through the area near the gas station mertile lived at. Where people where struggling to survive and they had their view of the classic American dream.
Karios also helps with the message of the film where the events of the story take place in. Like how the story is set during the 1920’s and it is around the great depression era which helps explain that it may be in a wonderful time but has its dark time as well.

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