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Lithuania The Country Of My Birth

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Lithuania is a small spot of land near the Baltic Sea. It's not so simple to notice it on the map, among large, rich and prosperous other European countries. Lithuania is said to be a geometrical centre of the continent. Some people agree, some doubt, but what I know for sure, that it's in the centre of my heart. Lithuania is a very beautiful country and it has a rich history too.It is believed that Lithuania got its name from the Lietava (Lietauka) river, the right tributary of the Neris river. It flows about 25km from the little town of Kernave, an important political centre of ancient Lithuania in the eastern part of the country. Lithuania was first officially recorded in the year 1009.The Lithuanian mounted knight, called Vytis is one of the oldest state emblems in Europe. It is dated back to the time of Grand Duke Algirdas, to 1366. In 1918 Vytis became the foremost symbol of statehood of Lithuania. The current state flag was created in 1918. The colours of the flag symbolise: yellow - the sun, light and prosperity; green - the Lithuanian landscape, hope and joy; red is the colour of earth, life and blood - it symbolises the nation's tenacity in the struggle for freedom. The words and music of the nation anthem, also known as Tautine giesme, were written by Vincas Kudirka. From 1918 onwards Tautine giesme officially became the national anthem of the Republic of Lithuania. During the years of Soviet occupation it was forbidden.Lithuania is located on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, 99 km of the coastline belong to Lithuania. It shares a border with Latvia, Byelorussia, Poland and the Kaliningrad region of the Russian federation. It lies in the same geographical latitude as Denmark, Scotland and the northern part of Ireland. The area of...

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