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Litriture How Do The Makers Of Shrek Use Presentational Devices To Reverse This Tradition, To Reveal The Ogre As Good, And The Prince As Evil? Shrek Made By Dream Works Productions.

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In this essay, I am going to analyse the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad. DreamWorks made this film, the man who directed it originally worked for Disney and wanted to produce it through them but they said it would never work. This is why if you look carefully you will notice that there are loads of digs at Disney. This film was extremely successful. Marrying and living happily ever is an idea that filmmakers promote and DreamWorks, the makers of 'Shrek' are no exception. Except in this film, the traditional roles of handsome brave princes and blood lusting evil ogres have been reversed. The filmmakers tap into a modern day audience, awareness of both traditional fairy tales and the way modern day techniques, used in other film genres to entertain and amuse the audience. In traditional fairytales there will be a beautiful young princess; a handsome, brave man usually a prince, as the hero; and unmistakably cruel, disfigured evil character. Most plots will have being captured and locked in a high tower by means of witchcraft. The brave prince has to put his life at risk to rescue the princess. Their true love is then sealed with a kiss. They then get married and live happily ever after. For example Snow White. The aim of the film 'Shrek' is to break all the traditional features of a fairy tale, the alternative script and the humorous way the film is presented makes this film a true blockbuster. The first scene is an imitation of the 'Sleeping Beauty' fairy tale. This is where you see the first sign that it is not going to be like the traditional fairy tale as Shrek places his large green hand across the book, tearing it out and using it as toilet paper. He then leaves, slamming the toilet door behind. 'Like that's ever gonna happen'. This is the first time we hear Shrek speak it shows his disbelief in the fairy tale he is reading but there could be another reason for this. At the end of the story it shows the book closed and the title is Shrek, this could be his reason for disbelief, he might not think that whatever happens in the story would ever happen to him. Although Shrek is seen bathing in mud and as some people might say he is being disgusting overall, I think otherwise. If you really think about it, he is just showing his feminine side. Many people today go to expensive spas to have mud baths and other deep cleansing treatments! Catchy music plays in the background when we are introduced face to face with this huge but instantly likeable character. His character was specially designed to be liked his non-angular face and his huge grin make him funny, not scary. By the end of the music, the audience can tell that this film is not what it seems. When the local villagers come to attack Shrek, for him being a 'hideous ogre', the director uses low angled shots that show us Shrek from the villagers point of views. Shrek appears nonchalant and simply roars deafeningly towards them,...

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