Little Corbin Essay

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Little Corbin
There are some parents that say children go through the terrible two’s, Corbin, however, is going through the terrible three’s. His behavior of biting and hitting his sister and father is unacceptable. If it continues without a sort of discipline, it will cause issues in Corbin’s future. Robert, the father, is against spanking and his time-out method is not as effective. I, too, am against spanking and think that there are other forms of discipline that are beneficial for both the child and the parent. Two recommendations I would give Robert is to make sure that he is giving Corbin the attention he needs and/or Robert needs to take away a privilege that Corbin usually gets on ...view middle of the document...

If Corbin does not trust his time with Robert, feels as if Robert gives more attention to his daughter than Corbin, and because has a hard time playing with his sister and father, Robert needs to figure out what he can do as the father. Some suggestions I recommend is that Robert sets aside a time for a father and son play date. Corbin needs to gain the understanding that his father is there and wants to help Corbin when he needs it. Professor Garvin lectured about the importance of a child spending quality time with their fathers. The reasons she listed for this includes sensitive caregiving, positive attitude about being a parent, and fathers are often the preferred playmate (M. Garvin, personal communication, 2/13/14). So Robert would benefit from his time with Corbin and Corbin would attain the attention he may be seeking.
Another recommendation that I would give Robert is to take away privileges Corbin particularly enjoys when he misbehaves. Since the other methods are ineffective, Corbin should have something removed as punishment. He will learn that if he hits or bites there is a consequence. An example would be if he bites his sister, Robert should give Corbin a warning that if he does that again he will take away...

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