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Little Girl Lost Essay

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Little Girl Lost is an autobiography written by actress Drew Barrymore. When this book was written Drew was around the age fourteen. Drew Barrymore is the grand-daughter of actor John Barrymore. Most people know Drew from the hit movie E.T where she captured the hearts of thousands of people. Sadly, during this time, all of the fame got to her, she began partying which led to drinking. Drinking led to doing drugs like marijuana, and eventually cocaine; she was only twelve years old (Barrymore 1). Drew’s parents separated when she was young, her father left and she stayed with her mother. Drew and her mother were not very close, her mother was always working trying to provide for them, and so she was stuck either with a nanny or by herself. When Drew Barrymore began to spiral down into drugs and alcohol her mother did not even notice. Her mother finally realized what was happening when the tabloids reported stories and pictures of her partying and getting out of control. Her mother decided it would be best for Drew if she went to rehab. The first time Drew Barrymore went to rehab she ended up relapsing fairly quickly and her drug addiction became worse. This happened a few times. By the end of the biography Drew had just gotten out of rehab and was doing well. She states, “I think about that every day. All addicts do. You are never without the fear of returning to your old ways and losing everything that you’ve gained. When you’re sober, you don’t forget what it was like to use. It’s hard, really hard, and you take it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. That’s the way it’s going to be for as long as I’m alive. But at least I’m alive” (Barrymore 260).
Since the author, Drew Barrymore, was only fourteen when she wrote the book I would have to say that it is not the most detailed book, and does not flow as easily as most. Every once in awhile Drew uses description. For example, when Drew’s mother explains their new apartment when Drew was a baby, “ It was a hot, sultry summer afternoon and Jaid had left the sliding glass door open, hoping to find a cool breeze in the heavy air…when Jaid glanced up, a diaper-clad Drew was poking though the wrought-iron restraining bars on the balcony” (Barrymore 112). This was the most descriptive sentence there was in the biography.
The story is very easy to read but it is also difficult to follow. The story goes back-and-forth a lot between her young childhood and when she was older which makes it complicated to keep track of what is happening. On page 112 it says, “When Drew was first learning how to crawl…” (Barrymore 112), and then on page 113 it says, “ Hi, I’m Drew and I’m an addict and I have...

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