Little House On The Prairie Essay

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Leo and Amber turn on their flashlights revealing a dank interior with two windows and a couple scattered wooden planks. The crunch of shattered glass echoes as Amber rushes toward the pick up truck. She opens up the door and jumps in the cab. She turns the ignition, and to her disappointment nothing happens. She gets out, pops the hood, and examines the engine with her flashlight.

Leo gazes at Eve who is crouched beside the window with a 9mm in her hand.

"Hey kid do you know how to use a gun?" Leo asks as he stares at the Walkers gradually making their way out the dense forest.

"Yeah, and don’t worry about me, I can handle myself!" Eve snottily shouts

"Well, excuse me!"

"Looks like the battery is loose just give me a few to find the screws and put this sucker back in place and we are good to go!" Amber states elated

The living dead begins to pound on the warehouse, Leo locates a propane tank amongst a pile of wooden planks and grabs it.

"Here you will need this more than me." Leo states as he throws Isamu his flashlight.

The window next to Isamu and Eve busts and several arms began to reach frantically for them. Leo runs propane tank in hand towards the window and heaves it out the window sending zombies violently too the ground. Moments later a explosion erupts scorching the ground and several zombies. Walkers break out the window next to the pick up truck and arms desperately reach for Amber's flesh.

"Leo I thought I said keep these fuckers off me!" Ambers shouts as she screws in the battery.

Leo grabs his machete and swings sending arms all over the ground. Amber slams the hood down, makes her way into the cab, and turns the ignition on. The truck revs up and Amber lets of a ecstatic laugh.

"Guys, get in!" Amber shouts

Isamu and Eve run nimbly to the pick up truck and make their way into the back were zombies have made their way into the truck bed. Leo gets takes shotgun and Amber puts the truck in reverse sending the zombies flying out the bed of the truck.

"Amber you are multi talented." Leo states, impressed by the versatility of Amber's survival skills.

"Guys we missed one!" Eve shouts, pointing at the determined zombie wobbling inside the bed of the truck.

Amber puts the truck in drive and slams on the pedal, sending the zombie crashing over the roof and violently onto the ground. The Walker lets off a grunt as his legs are broken and mangled by Amber who drives...

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