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Little Info On Myths And Legends In The Ancient Egyptian Society.

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The Egyptian society had myths and legends for many reasons. They helped to explain the unknown, and served as a basis of society and religion. The myths were much more than just stories though, every person and thing in them represented something.The modern day myth, "The Statuette of Isis", is the story of how Isis used her intuition into tricking the sun god, Re, into telling her the secret Great Name. Isis represented a healer, a magician, and an exemplary wife and mother. She knew the secrets of immortality, was faithful intelligent, strong and beautiful. She was associated was vegetation and the cycles of the seasons, and the Nile River. Ancient beliefs attributed the annual rainfall, which sustained the people of the Nile Valley, to the tears Isis shed for Osiris.Egyptians believed that by leaving small bronze figures of their deities at temples or funeral sites, they would attract the deity being represented. They also thought that by offering a sculpture at a temple, they could pay homage to a god and hope for the god's blessings. The statuette of isis represents much more than just the god Isis. She held in her right hand the jug of sacred water, which stood for the accomplishments of magicians. She is also wearing the combined crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, showing her dominion over both. At the bottom of her crown there is a vulture, wrapping his wings around her head, symbolizing her protective...

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