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1. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, 1868, During and after the Civil War
2. Josephine March: Jo is the protagonist of the novel, she plays an important role in the futures of her three sisters. Jo is an outspoken tomboy that is nothing like her three sisters, she curses and hates acting lady like. She is a forgiving person and makes sacrifices for her sisters, she refused to marry a man who she loved, because she knew her sister loved him. By the end of the novel she marries an older man and as a result loses the independence that she had throughout the entire novel..
Beth March: Beth is a shy and quite person, she is so shy she does not even go to school.. Alcott makes Beth an angel like ...view middle of the document...

3. New Year's Eve party at Mrs. Gardiner's house: This was the beginning of the March sisters friendship with Laurie, Jo and Laurie meet each other while trying to hide. Jo hides because a guy was going to ask her to dance, Jo and Laurie dance together but away from the party. This scene confused the reader in my opinion because I assumed that Laurie and Jo were going to marry each other. They both fell in love with each other but did not marry each other.
Amy´s School: It is at her school that Amy goes through a valley of humiliation because she did not want to share her pickled limes with anyone. She was popular for having them but a girl tells on her and Amys teacher hits her in the hand and makes her throw her candy away. This day changed Amys life significantly because she is humiliated in class and even stops going to school because of it.
The Moffats Home:While staying with them Meg is introduced into the life of a young lady. She attends dinners, goes to the theater and tells herself that she wants to live a luxurious life and not be poor like her family. The Moffats dress Meg up for a ball and Meg starts acting different and LAurie lets her know and she is ashamed of it. This scene let the reader know that Meg has a weakness for luxury.
New York: Jo develops into a real writer in New York, her move their lets the reader know that she is now an independent woman. Jo gets paid to write articles on a news paper and stands up for herself when they start changing a lot of her articles. New York helped Jo develop as a woman and it was in New York were she met Professor Friedrich Bhaer, the man that she marries.
4. ¨I´ll try and be what he loves to call me, ¨a little woman,¨ and not be rough and wild; but do my duty here instead of wanting to be somewhere else¨ -Chapter 1
Jo can not stand being at home while her father is in the war, she wishes that she was a boy so she can help him in any way. She sucks up all her feelings and emotions and tells herself that she will stay strong for her father. When Jo says this all the girls promise to themselves to stop doing something that brings down their charater as a person, they learn to appreciate and love the things they have.
¨Money is a needful and precious thing...¨ -Chapter 9
Marmee tells Meg that she should not marry someone for money, Meg wants to be rich because she is a materialistic person. This for shaddowed that Meg would marry someone for money, which she did. Money was a center issue in all of the March girls, because in the opening scene all the girls are sad because they are not going to receive any gifts.
¨I think I shall write books,and get rich and famous...¨ -Chapter 13
Laurie, Jo, Beth, Amy, and Meg discuss their dreams and Jo is the one who has the biggest dream for herself compared to her sisters simple dreams. Her dream does not involve a husband, this is a power full quote because its contributes to the message of feminism, Jo is going against societies expectations of...

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