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Little Miss Sunshine Themes Smc 11 Assignment

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Themes in Little Miss Sunshine:

· Body Image and Self Esteem
· Depression and Suicide
· Dreams and Goals
· Dysfunctional Families

The screenwriter, Michale Arndt, of the well known Little Miss Sunshine film was interviewed previously about the central theme of Winners and Losers, one quote he said was:
“One of the things that was an impetus to write the script was; I remember reading this interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger… where he was talking to a group of high school students… and he said, ‘If there’s one thing in this world I hate, it’s losers. I despise them.’ And I thought there’s something so wrong with that attitude… something so demeaning and insulting as referring to any other person as a loser… I wanted to attack that idea, that in life you’re either go up or you’re going down… A child beauty pageant is the ultimate in stupid meaningless competition.”
After hearing this, it showed major attention to the fact that Michale disagreed with this concept of winners and losers, which is why he made most of the characters in the film have a set ‘Goal or Dream’ that they were chasing. The film is known as one of the best ‘character based comedies’ in the last decade. Olive’s dream is the main plot of the film; her goal of appearing in the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. Due to her Father being a major Protagonist in this film, he first questions her if she is going to be a winner or a loser? To see if it is worth going to. When this question is asked there is a slight pause and a moment of anticipation for the audience watching, wondering what her answer will be. She decides that she wants to be a winner, which starts off Olives central story of winning Little Miss Sunshine.
Other examples of Winners and Losers throughout the characters personalities include:
Richard: A motivational speaker who is failing in life.
Frank: One of the world’s experts on Marcel Proust who has lost his lover, his teaching job, and almost his life through a failed suicide attempt.
Dwayne: He so loathes his family, thinking of them as losers, that he has committed himself not to say a word until he can become a pilot, symbolically getting as far away from his current crap situation as possible.
So broadly speaking, the story...

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