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Little Mix Salute Album Review

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After their first successful album DNA, Little Mix is back with their new album Salute. Last time around every song was about love and building up self esteem. The new album is mainly about relationships. These 4 British girls Jesy (22), Leigh-Anne (22), Jade (21) and Perrie (20) have taken the world by storm with the sixteen song track list; it’s hard to pick a favourite. This album includes the massive single ‘Move’.
Track one Salute is an upbeat song that is about gaining respects for women in the work force especially in regards to the defence force. The lyrics “Sisters we are everywhere Warriors, your country needs you. If you're ready ladies, better keep steady ready, aim, shoot”. ...view middle of the document...

Trying to find someone new and it is not working out too well. The lyrics “If I had everything, it wouldn't mean a thing, 'Cause nothing feels like, nothing feels like you, No matter what they say can't take my love away, 'Cause nothing feels like, nothing feels like you”. This is saying that no matter what she gains it won’t feel right because her boyfriend now ex is out of her life.
Track five is the moving and heartbreaking Towers. This song is about a break up, that still shows love to one another. The girl cannot help but fall in love all over again when seeing her ex boyfriend. The lyrics “you never brought me flowers. Never held me in my darkest hour. And you left it so late that my heart feels nothing”. This is saying that when they were together, he never appreciated her. Now she feels numb when it comes to relationships.
Track six is Competition which is a catchy dance song. This song is about a relationship that the girl is the main person who is reaching their ambitions. The lyrics “tell me does it scare you, that I’m living my dream? Now I don’t mean to hurt you, but you make me wanna scream”. This means that the women’s ambition can be intimidating; however the male in the relationship is not trying to compete and accomplish their dreams.
The sad and a relatable song These Four Walls is track seven. This song is about a break up that has left the girl depressed and looking to redo how they said goodbye. The girl is also shutting herself away from others and the outside world. The lyrics “your pillow’s wet from all these tears I’ve cried, I won’t say goodbye”. This means that she was not ready for the relationship to be over, it has broken her and she thinks there is no happiness left to come.
A song that you cannot help but dance to is About the Boy which is track eight. This song is about a girl noticing a boy that is no good for her but she cannot help but fall in love. The lyrics “I know he is playing my heart and I ain’t got no choice”. This means that no matter how bad the guy is for her, she is still falling for him. Every girl likes a bad boy.
Boy is a slow yet catchy song which is track nine. This song is about yet another bad boy that is playing with a girl’s heart, it is giving advice to move on and find someone better. The...

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