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Little Rock Top Essay

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The biggest battle of the Civil war lasted only 3 days on 26 acres of land.This was the Battle of Gettysburg. The area might sound very large but an acre is roughly about 76% of a football field; as a result it was big but not huge by modern day standards in terms of battlefields. One battle within Gettysburg was Little Round Top, A small battle with a big impact.
Located in Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania July 2, 1863 Little Rock Top was the smaller of the two hills on the south end of Gettysburg . The Confederates with 4,864 soldiers going into it suffered mass casualties with 1,185 (279 killed, 868 wounded, 219 missing). Being the losing side they suffered a bit more than the Union who won the battle with 2.996 troops and only 565 casualties (134 killed, 402 wounded, 29 missing). The confederates were led by General Robert E. Lee other commanders included Lt. Gens. James ‘Pete Longstreet and Ambrose P. Hill, Lt. ...view middle of the document...

Little Rock Top as little of a battle as it was it’s significance was much greater because it stopped the potential war changing momentum of the Confederates were hoping to gain. This allowed the union to flip the tables and use this victory as momentum to push forward for victory in Gettysburg.
The Confederates led by Lee wanted to cross the Potomac river so they could create a split between washington and the north essentially isolating the capital and most likely a takeover afterwards capture. Though this didn’t go exactly as planned.The original plan was to flank the union from the southwest it was derailed because of fatigued soldiers after hours of marching and counter marching essentially making the effort counter productive. When finally arriving the Confederates were greeted with a unexpected presence. The union was right there because of an advance up to what was called the Devil’s den. The fighting then began as they were right there, the plan to flank had failed. Head to head fighting began,Maj. Gen. Gouverneur K. Warren found the federal flak was left wide open and took the opportunity.
He told Col. Strong Vincent to take troops, and he did and they got into position with support to their right 15 minutes before texas and Alabama troops had arrived. This gave them a huge advantage over their foes both time and strategy wise. First shots were fired and the Union was over to a dominating start. The fight dragged on and a key point in the battle had arrived, when the union’s most far left unit had to stand ground whilst outnumbered otherwise the confederates would flank and swing momentum their way, outnumbered about 360 Union soldiers to about 650 Confederates. The Union fleet soon ran low on ammunition and Chamberlain order a Bayonet charge and the heroic push of the Union soldiers was able to split up the Confederate assault and allowed another squad and sharpshooters to push back the Alabamians and go back on the offensive.
Fighting lasted till 6:30 that day, Stopping when William C. Oates call all squadrons to fall back. This ended the battle and gave the Union a win, the fighting here was done but it only had begun as Gettysburg.

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