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Little Saigon The Power Of The Vietnamese American

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Little Saigon- the Power of the Vietnamese American
Eventually, the store had to close down. The Anticommunist movement is extreme to the point that anyone who even appeared to be sympathetic to the current government of Vietnam was branded a traitor. For instance, the community claimed that one of the Vietnamese American politicians, Tony Lam, did not support the community in forcing this video store to close down. In addition, Tony Lam took part in requesting the council of the city of Westminster to change the name Little Saigon into Asian town (Collet, & Furuya, 2010). His rationale was that “Little Saigon” negatively reminded of the pain in Vietnamese history, which needed to be forgotten. His political career soon ended, since his attitude and belief was viewed as an offense toward Vietnamese immigrants. Vietnamese immigrants believe that the term Saigon is sacred and beloved, therefore replacing the name Little Saigon is equivalent to neglecting the dramatic historical background and disconnecting their origin. In away, Anticommunist movement creates cohesion among Vietnamese immigrant.
Even though Little Saigon provided Vietnamese American with economic benefit, political power, this landmark also witnessed many difficulties that Vietnamese experienced. Vietnamese American experienced many traumatic events prior to migration such as war, journey on boats, therefore many of them suffered posttraumatic stress disorder, stress, and depression. Significantly, Vietnamese refugees who went to the re-education camps sustained torture, humiliation, deprivation, brainwashing and several other punishments from Vietnamese Communist. Those refugees have higher rates of having mental disorder. Language barrier is another obstacle that exaggerates the stress of Vietnamese immigrants. Approximately 45 percent of Vietnamese households report that they have limited English compared to 25 percent of the Asian American population in 2000 U.S Census (Tranguyen, 2004). Moreover, Birman and Tran in 2008 stated that Vietnamese who is fluently in English in communication have a lower risk of having pre-migration trauma and depression. Insecure and isolated on American soil, Vietnamese joined together to find resources in their surrogate community. In Little Saigon, Vietnamese can find supplies, essentials without communicating in English with their kinfolk. Little Saigon plays an important role in relieving the immigrant group’s isolation and language barrier problems.
Other post-migration factors that affect negatively on Vietnamese acculturation and adjustment include unfamiliarity, and family role changes. Because of their unique political reason for the migration, Vietnamese refugees faced challenges in overcoming the sense of loss and unfamiliarity in the U.S. Their lives turned to chaos without direction, when coming to America after the loss of family, friends, social status, possessions, etc. On the other hand, they faced the pressure to support the...

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