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The classic tale of “Little Woman” has taken a place on many bookshelves throughout the world. The story follows the March girls through 15 years of their lives and is written in a very pronounced omniscient voice. Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy live with their mother in New England. The Civil War is upon the nation and the March’s father is off serving as a preacher for the soldiers. The March women are back at home trying to keep the family together with the little money that they have. But life is not all gloom and dark for the March girls. A handsome boy comes to live next door, Theodore Laurence, which they soon learn to call “Laurie” or “Teddy”.
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Amys dependence on Laurie grows as Beth passes and soon after get married. The surprise ending is when Professor Bhaer travels all the way from New York with Jo’s published book and in that time they realize that they missed each other, get married and open a boarding school for boys.
The story seems to center around Jo’s life and the obstacles she encountered. When we first meet Jo we see a little girl who doesn’t understand why she cannot go off to war with her father. Jo’s real name is Josephine, a girl name, but she goes by the more masculine-sounding name, Jo. All she wants is to be able to learn and do everything a boy could do. "It's bad enough to be a girl, any-way, when I like boy's games, and work, and manners. I can't get over my disappointment in not being a boy” (Quimby). Her countenance changes when her life gets turned around with one sister getting married and another sister passing away. Jo didn’t want their little sisterhood to be broken up by some man who liked her sister. She wanted things to stay the same, always. She realizes that it is selfish for her to keep her sister away from a man who would love and provide for her when Jo can’t. Losing Beth shows Jo that she is not real, but a fake and hides herself as a strong women instead of a feminine man. Jo realizes that even though she doesn’t like the way woman are treated she embraces the womanhood she is a part of and steps up and serves her family as a woman.
One of Jo’s character defining moments is when Teddy expresses his dying love for her. At the time, young girls perceived that marriage was their end goal, but Jo’s clear-mindedness showed that if Teddy and she got married...

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