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Live And Love Essay

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"To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence." Sydney Smith's words must have won empathy from numerous people, which symbolize the performance of love. Although it is only made up of four simple letters, love is such an abstract and multifaceted topic that conceivably we are bound to bask in it from the cradle to the grave.Love is mutual devotion and everlasting passion; love is a powerful stimulus instilling each creature with vigor and energy. Just like the air we breathe, the sunshine we enjoy and the water we cannot do without all our ...view middle of the document...

Students' brilliant achievements bring the greatest satisfaction to their benefactors who lead them toward the luminous summits of life. There is the priceless love between lovers and between friends which devotes life-long support, perpetual loyalty, endless concern and undying responsibility...Love is reciprocal. It is a blessed right to receive love, and correspondingly, it is one's virtue and obligation to offer it. We can find evidence of this established concept of love in almost every corner of the globe. There are various projects such as "hope project", "love project" in our society, from which we can see many virtues of humankind. Why millions upon millions of people, the young or the old, the rich or even the poor, volunteer to join the love group? It is love that links people with each other, for love is the true essence we seek for in all life. The sweetness of love is the sweetness of being alive. We feel love as we feel the warmth of our blood; we hold it in ourselves as we hold our thoughts. Nothing more exists for us.Therefore, "live and love" is a coherent whole that can never be parted. If to love is to be an inexhaustible happiness-seeder, and to be loved is a kind of sumptuous welfare, then beyond all doubt, we should live and love throughout the whole life.

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