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Good Vs. Bad Fat: Which One Are You Eating The Most?

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However, there is also a solid base of research suggesting that specific fats actually can protect against disease. The highest quality of fat is naturally present in fresh nuts, seeds, soybeans, avocados, olives, and other plant food (Carlson 38). Most vegetables contain unsaturated fats and actually are good for people’s health. Not all fat is bad fat. Nut is a good example. Studies show those people who eating nuts most frequency had a 50% reduction
in risk of dying from heart disease(Carlson 38). In addition, the value of seeds in nutrition is also hard to underestimated. All kinds of seeds contain different level of omega-6 fatty acid. They are among our richest resources of vitamin E, and provide an impressive array of other vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fiber (Carlson 39). This two typical vegetables shows vegetable’s good fat has incredible goof effect on health.
“Good” fat from vegetables can not only avoid obesity but also bring people some other health benefits; “Bad” fat most from animals may lead to contrary direction to harm our health. Thus, we should intake fat in a favorable way by eating more vegetables to build a healthier body.

Heart Disease
Heart disease has become America’s number one killer (Vegucated). As a consequence, we cannot ignore this problem any more. Many evidence shows meat diet can cause CAD and vegetarian diet actually is a good solution to reduce heart disease. Vegans have a 26% lower change of dying from heart disease that’s because they avoid meat and dairy, which contain artery and clogging (Vegucated). As shown from the below charts, it clearly notice that the less percentage of calories from unrefined plants foods, the less percentage of deaths from heart disease and cancer.
Some major components cause heart disease that are found in such like animals and process food. According to the book The Complete Vegetarian: The Essential Guide to Good Health by Peggy Carlson,
Meat, dairy produces, oils, shortening, and eggs are the chief dietary sources of saturated fat in the American diet. Saturated fat can also be found in coconut oil, palm kernel oil. Cholesterol, however, is found only in foods of animal origin. Trans fats can be found in such products as packaged baked goods and margarine. (Carlson 115)

In contract, vegetables have less saturated fat and cholesterol that means can reduce risk of heart disease. Vegetables have more dietary fiber is good factor that may contribute the low rate of CAD. Apparently, vegetarians consume more fiber than non-vegetarians. Several large prospective epidemiological studies have found significant inverse associations between consumption of cereal fiber or whole grains and coronary artery disease (Carlson 117).
In addition, another possible factor that can reduce CAD risk is to decrease blood clotting. In other word, the blood clotting and CAD are closely related together. Meat and dairy contain artery and clogging. In order to avoid...

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