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English 101 CAL22 June 2011Live, Laugh, Love….Growing up, I've heard the words AIDS and HIV. These words have so much meaning and emotions connected with them. Ever since we've heard about AIDS and HIV there's been books, movies, songs, poems, magazine and newspapers, anything you can think of. I've come across this topic many times; it must be hard living with this disease. People usually discriminate against those with HIV and AIDS. There was a time where people didn't want to touch because of HIV or AIDS. In the movies, Philadelphia and Rent explains HIV and AIDS in different people lives. It explains how some people struggle and some people aren't afraid of telling others. Philadelphia mostly focuses on an educated, successful gay man that had this disease. Rent tells us different stories of different people and how they cope with HIV and AIDS. It doesn't matter who we become or what life style you chose to live, we're all human and, should be treated the same.Philadelphia is a movie that speaks to people. It's about Andy Beckeet, a gay lawyer who practices law in Philadelphia. Andy is not open about his homosexuality at his office, nor the fact that he contracted HIV. On the day he is assigned a big case at his form, one of his partners notices a lesion spot on his forehead. A lesion is also called a Kaposi Sarcoma it was the hallmark of AIDS in gay men (Glausiusz 1). Embarrassed, he stayed away from work for a few days to hide the spot. Andy finished his assignment, took it to his office and left it for his secretary. He later was rushed to the hospital for bowel spasms. The next morning he heard his paper gotten misplaced. Andy got fired because they couldn't find it, he believed that someone hid his work and wanted him fired. The reason for this, Andy knew it wasn't for the misplaced paper but because of AIDS. Andy searched to get someone for his case but no one wanted to help. Joe miller, another lawyer and a friend of Andy's he knew about Andy having AIDS and refused to take his case. "I need to get some Information about AIDS" (Demme). Joe went immediately to his doctor because he thought he contracted HIV from a hand shake that he and Andy exchanged.Watching the part where Joe thought he caught AIDs because he touched Andy was sad. It's to show how little people knew about AIDs in the 80's. New York's turned out 40,000 strong Sunday to honor the memory of loved ones felled by AIDS and support those living with the dreaded disease (Croghan A2). Things changed and people are different now, we've been educated enough to know we can't get AIDS by a simple touch. In the 80's there was no such things as an AIDS walk or support for these people. People have understood what it is and try to make it better. Joe finally decided to help Andy in his case, on the day that Andy was on the stand Joe asked him a question that stood out to me the most. "I want you to unbutton your shirt and show the court" (Demme). Joe asked him this because...

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