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Live Learn And Recover Essay

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Live Learn And Recover
There’s always a first time for everything. Everything you do, from riding a bike to going on national T.V. on Election Day, there’s always a first. I wasn’t on T.V., but I sure felt like it in front of 200 sixteen year olds at the Grand Marquis. Imagine being just a basement D.J. who only had his equipment but no skills.
I was never a D.J. just yet: I started off as a roadie with my brother in law. The typical job of every beginner, unloading speakers, lights, controllers and if the party wanted a photo booth or a fog machine Id set that up as well. Once I had every thing setup my job was done till it was time to pack up. I would spend the time in between standing ...view middle of the document...

My brother in law, also whom is now my boss, asked me if I was ready to D.J. a sweet sixteen. Who knew that he would put me in front of all these teenagers alone. I already was a pro at setting up all my equipment as that was my job for a while. I was terrified of getting on the microphone to M.C. and introduce the birthday girl along with her father. I asked myself questions all night like, what if I say her name wrong, what if my voice cracks and twenty other questions beginning with what if. All my questions were finally answered as my mind shouted, “Shut up and have a good time!”
I had all of my equipment setup. The guest began to arrive. Some in their seats, some at the bar and some outside smoking cigarettes. I slowly picked up the volume to some smooth jazz music, something you would hear playing in Starbucks. I had a cd my boss gave me to me full of songs for dinnertime that I played until everyone settled in their seats.
After one hour of Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and other jazz hits it was time for the lovely birthday girl to make her grand entrance. Once that music turned down and I was ready to my voice to the test, no longer did I have a gut feeling of butterflies and nausea. I welcomed all the birthday girls’ guests and thanked them for coming to celebrate Sabrina’s Sweet Sixteen. As I got everyone pumped and ready facing the main door,...

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