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Medical procedures can cause anxiety for many patients. According to a recent study, live music therapy may be a combatant against this anxiety. For decades, there were no studies about the use of live music therapy during MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans. The current study investigation has revealed some extremely noteworthy information. In this study, patients who received live music therapy while undergoing MRI scans adapted better to the scans; moved less, thus completing MRI scans in a shorter period of time; asked for fewer breaks during the procedures; and repeated fewer scans than the patients who listened to recorded music. The results of this study support the effectiveness of live music therapy to reduce anxiety and improve the medical procedure situations of teenage and adult patients who are undergoing MRI scans. These emotional benefits are accompanied by financial savings and reduced procedure time, which allow for more scans to be done daily.
MRI is defined as a medical procedure that is related to the scans of the head, brain and neck. The medical community has described MRI as a harmless medical procedure, but the procedure has failed patients who were not able to complete MRI scans due to feelings of anxiety, fear and discomfort (Hinkle, 1999). Specifically, some of the patients who had negative reactions towards MRI scans displayed fears of enclosed space (Katznelson et al., 2008). The most common phobias exhibited while undergoing MRI scans are the fear of suffering from pain, the fear of the machine causing harm and the fear of the patient losing control (Thorpe et al., 2008). In addition to the physical and emotional discomforts related to anxiety, the patients suffer from financial discomfort when the patient’s health care provider is affected by the negative information about MRI scans.
As many as twenty-five percent of patients responded with varying levels of anxiety (Mclsaac et al., 1998). Since patients have described the experience of MRI scans as being in another world, their desires for support are likely to increase (Tornqvist, Mansson, Larson, and Hallstrom, 2006). Numerous methods to prevent anxiety have been invented, including anti-anxiety agent, nose spray, systematic desensitization, hypnosis, gradual exposure to MRI, reality distraction, relaxation and visualization (Chandler, 1996; Evers, 1999; Garcia-palacios, Hoffman, Richards, Seibel, and Sharar, 2007; Tschirch et al., 2008). Furthermore, patients who have previously received MRI scan are less likely to show anxiety when they receive them again (Thorpe, Salkovskis, and Dittner, 2008). The article by Walworth indicates the ways in which live music therapy can reduce negative reactions towards MRI scans.
According to recent neuroscience research, MRI scans and live music therapy can be compared as painful and pleasurable stimulus respectively (Leknes and Tracey, 2008). Music can be a pleasurable stimulus that can distract patients from painful...

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